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Miss Universe: Croat in the Grandmother's dress
Las Vegas these days is in the sign of beauties from all over the world who are making final preparations before the grand finale of the Miss Universe, scheduled for Wednesday, 19 December at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. Muscles, including nineteen Croatian representative Elizabeth Burg have already begun with the launch of ten days ago, in a series of shooting, joint posturing and occasional outings to the catwalk - for example in swimsuits and evening gowns, one of the most vivid moments of preparing for finals, certainly was the choice for the best national costume. As every year, the combination of the national elements of elegance and proper Miss resulted in extremely colorful costumes, some of whom - especially those south American representative, worthy of carnival in Rio, while some other countries have opted for maximum simplicity and its representing nearly dressed only in a bikini. Among the representatives of European countries dominated by a stylized version of the national costume. In this motif fits the Croatian beauty Elizabeth Burg from Vrbanja, which, as announced, appeared in a cheerful white dress sewed by her grandmother, with a belt in the colors of the Croatian flag. Last weekend at the Wedding Fair at Nova Gallery, I had the opportunity to speak with Miljenko Maric, the designer behind the names Atoka. I was told, the jewelry that he traveled to New York and Charlotte, the Wedding Fair and plans for the future, read below. Jewelry Atoka is protected as unique in the world, how he created this idea for jewelry? Idea the nascent years, the needs of themselves as women in their daily work with women, I noticed a need for "decorating" jewelry that can be customized to each woman and each of its need. Atoka uniqueness of jewelry is a direct application to the skin, but the material from which it is made, namely the Atoka lace jewelry. Given to me in my work to inspire women and their needs, I could not imagine the feminine, sensual material of lace. I know from a reliable source that your jewelry was a gift Plitzs VIP guests at the New York City and Charlotte Fashion Week, and in the realization of a collaboration with the Tourist Board of Split Dalmatian county Yes, it's true Atoka jewelry at U.S. Fashion Week VIP guests were present. When you have to mention the two weeks of fashion I must emphasize that the jewelry went to the U.S. with a collection colleague Mirjane Tokic. Dalmatia abounds in beauty and as such is a great inspiration for many artists, among them the inspiration for their collections in Dalmatian beauty we found Mirjane and me. Tourist Board has recognized the potential of the mine and its collection and decided to allow us to showcase their collections in America. A lot of people behind this time, many of those to whom I should thank, forgetting someone, I'll just single out a special thanks to Mr. Tourist Board director Stephen Tokic. Because women are my great inspiration, I decided to create a collection that will accompany them in the most important day in my life, namely the standard collection of Atoka Atoka there weedding collection. The new collection is inspired by Dalmatia, Mediterranean woman who temperametna and strong but at the same time delicate and feminine, this collection finds herself the most. In the end, I should mention that all women who want to treat Atoka jewelry can do this in an exclusive beauty salon is handling your jewelry designer wants to confide only qualified personneltokic.stjepan723@gmail.com

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