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Stjepan Mesić: A zašto ja ne idem na Bleiburg--------Faksimil originalnih dokumenata: 1st GUARDS BRIGADE SITREP No. 37 2100 hrs 18th May 45

Faksimil originalnih dokumenata:

2100 hrs          18th May 45

About 2,000 Croats are being evacuated tomorrow morning from two large camps on the northern shore of the WORTHER SEE;  the Croats, among whom are many women and children, are being take in TCVs (Troup Convoy Vehicles) to the Welsh Gds area, where they will stay in a temporary camp until thery are called forward to ROSENBACH 0271, where Tito already has his trps ready to collect them.  The Croats have been given no warning of their fate, and are being allowed to believe that their destination is not Yugo-Slavia, but Italy, until the actual moment of their handover.  The whole business is most unsavoury, and British trps have the utmost distaste in carrying out their orders.  At the moment it is not known what [hig]her policy lies behind the decision

2200 hrs     13th May 45

Anti-Tito Yugo-Slavs
Slovenes, Serbs, Chetniks (only a few in the area), and Croats. Biggest element Croat Ustashi Army, 300,000 strong, now withdrawing across Yugo-Sav frontier, having surrendered to Tito. Croat Guards Corps static at WEINBERG D. 6990. Slovenes and Serbs mostly conc VIKTRING cago. None of those can be repatriated except to almost certain death at hands of Tito.

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