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God wants to bring race. That our life is not as cut branches driedgrape, which is most useful for burning

God wants to bring race. That our life is not as cut branches driedgrapewhich is most useful for burning

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The ancient peoples of the ancient world, are regularly approached with great reverence to their gods and deities. 
They perceived them as a mighty and unpredictable rulers, about whom they should try to comply. On the other hand, the good news of Jesus, it is quite different. He proclaims God as a good father, and it shows us as a brother with human nature that has endowed us with their deity. His word we want to understand and accept. To do this, and could in the right way, we will repent of their sins and failures. In particular people who are engaged in building know how good and stable for the required building solid foundations. Freshmen at study enrollment in college and for success, it is clear that the essential foundations of good secondary schools. For a healthy and stable tree, it is very roots. In a similar way to the spiritual realm of God to man, is an important foundation in God and his teachings. Jesus showed that aliveness relationship between him, his disciples and the Church, now takes a picture and grape vine. Recently cut vine, which is not in the vine, was sentenced to death safely. Jesus himself says to us that the vine stocks, a life-giving force. The Apostle Paul takes a similar picture, saying that the believers - the Church is one body, which is the head of Christ. God wants to bring race. That our life is not as cut branches dried grape, which is most useful for burning. Therefore, our growers with the right crops. It can be extremely painful. But just like that going, because gardener thinks of our good. If the ship along the coast is not well linked, it will rise very south, or winds, cut off the ropes and break it. If we provide good roof house, a strong wind can carry the entire roof and do great harm.For believers field also is very important to be firm with Christ, when they get wind of evil, temptation, sin, and major life challenges that we are not tears off and thrown into ruin. Relationship shows through faith, hope and love, by hearing the Word of God, the detection and acceptance of his will, receive the sacraments of confession and communion, the practice of prayer, attendance at Holy Mass and in good works. Those who can not bear fruit because it is spiritually dead, are removed or should be removed. This raises the question how is it that someone who is a believer as long'' faded'', formally still wants to be a member of the Church? What was the foundation that his desire? It may not be isolated from the community, which is mostly faithful. The sacraments are accepted as local customs.Although age does not come to Mass, nor profess, when to ask for confirmation godparent because he has all the conditions for it: he was on the certificate, the church is married, and shows no signs of faith and the Church. Likewise, be glad in every conversion and not allow it because of us, one has an excuse that we have heard so many times. "What will the church where they regularly attend Mass on the Mount of us. Just an excuse or is there a part of the truth?Jesus, John the Evangelist in the report, announcing that it is necessary for salvation to stay with him. Heavenly Father give to Jesus, we recognize and accept the good shepherd, and so trimmed grape vine on Jesus to bring more fruit. Jesus cleanses the students at his word. Encouraging students to stay on it, like grapes on the vine, Jesus seeks to permanently accept the life and love which gives them, and that in it grow. First reading of Acts ends with a summary of the peace that is enjoyed Church of Palestine, "was built up in the fear of the Lord, and increased comfort of the Holy Spirit." Luke says that this church can grow the number and quality - and the missionary work of the internal deepening of faith accepted. Because it is present Assistant Spirit and Paraclete. From this reading of Barnabas we all learn to look people in the first positive and not dismiss them for old sins. In today's time, often earning a measure of activity. Fixed income is the motive of business investment and labor. It may be noted that what is naturally the business world, reflected in everyday life. Some are before you do something, he knows what I have to ask of it or what I have that look or work. It is not my thing, care, or jobs. Jesus proposes to prioritize its activities. The real value is required and appropriate care. For such values ​​are worth it to sacrifice to invest in them. Life is so great value that it pays to sacrifice and strive. To let the plant produce fruit, are necessary prerequisites. Prerequisite fruitful Christian life, life is union with Christ. From him come all the juices of life for our lives. The passage of the First Letter of John, assumes the historical situation of religious inconsistency, the addressee of this letter. Some of them, under the influence of Gnostic currents exaggerating with the knowledge and theoretical faith, believed that the life of believers is not important once you accept the donation of forgiveness and faith to rely on Christ. John warns to avoid sin and theoretical claims that faith is not alone sufficient. Invitation to Love "in word or speech but in deed and truth" historically referred to the heretics, who honestly believed that was sufficient for salvation is faith in Christ, and no one spoke in general and the other did. Need for actual human life derives from God, Jesus is vividly expressed by asking his apostles to remain in it as the branch remains in the vine. Because he is divinely true vine, planted by the Father's hand on the ground. A stay in Jesus means above all to remain consistent with their Christian vocation, the gift, keeping to him in any situation at any price without compromising the shame. Remaining in Jesus means to remain loyal and unceasing divine life that we have received from him.Remaining in Jesus means to live their existence on earth the power of Easter, which he is engulfed humanity. Remaining in Jesus means to give the transform, as is his humanity was transformed to an eternal existence in God. Remaining in Jesus means not to deceive the earthly fertility, but its human subject the celestial fertility. Living by the Word of God and the sacraments, he left us as a means of salvation. In this life, that is, at this fertility and durability of the Lord has called us. We are called to glorify the Father of heaven on earth, and humans make sublime blessing of fertility, which opens the gates of eternal life. Keep in Christ, and let's be a blessing to people and the world  them in Christ and feel his own life-giving force.

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