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Croacias Totales - Radiosat: Istina o Vukovaru:  Vukovar je tisućljetni hrvatski grad na Dunavu s većinskim hrvatskim stanovništvom.             Naime, starosjedioci Vukovara i okolin...

The truth about Vukovar

 Vukovar is the millennial Croatian city on the Danube with Croatian majority.
            Specifically, the natives of Vukovar and the surrounding area were Croats who had settled there at the end of the sixth and early 7th century. Alongside them to the area later settled Germans and Hungarians.
            The 1537th the area of ​​Vukovar settles Vlach Orthodox population, mostly from Bosnia and Serbia's interior.
            According to the census from 1910. The city of Vukovar had 10,359 inhabitants, of which 39.47% Croats, 33.81% Germans, 15.72% Serbs, 9.21% Hungarians and others.
            A list of the 1948th The Vukovar had 17,223 inhabitants, of which 63.47% were Croats, 25.5% Serbs, 0.3% Germans, the rest are other nations.
            A list of the 1991st The city of Vukovar had 44,639 inhabitants, of which 21,065 Croats (47.2%), 14,425 Serbs (32.3%), 94 Germans (0.2%), 4,355 Yugoslavs'''' (9.8%), the rest are other nations (89.2%).
            From the above list is a noticeable effect on the Greater policy changes in the demographic structure of the population of the Vukovar area. Mass executions, deportation and imprisonment in concentration camps experienced Vukovar Germans from Serbocommunist authorities 1944th year. Simply, Germans disappeared.
            Democratic change that started happening in the former Yugoslavia, under the influence of Belgrade, the memorandum of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and an unprecedented propaganda about the'' threat'' of Serbs and Serbian pride, Vukovar Serbs started to oppose everything that bears the name of Croatian. Do democratic change Vukovar Serbs, although they were in the minority, occupying all leadership positions in the judiciary, education, police, the economy, health care and other Croats could not occupy leadership positions. Realizing that they will lose privileges until then had Vukovar Serbs start systematically causing Croatian population. They began to lift barricades, started killing Croats, all under the justification that they are threatened. Vukovar Serbs supported by the official policy of the former Yugoslavia.
            The first open attack on legitimate Croatian authorities took place on the 2nd 05th 1991st year, when the insidious way in Borovo village killed 12 Croatian policemen. Criminal action in Borovo Selo leading a SWAT team from Belgrade, podpomognuti Serbs from Pine Village.
            It can be considered that the 2nd 05th 1991st The start open aggression on Vukovar. Seven months Vukovar experiencing the most difficult days in its history.
            In July 1991st The so-called. JNA openly placed on the side of the rebel Serbs from Vukovar. Already at that time, Vukovar was surrounded. The only time that was the contact with the rest of the Croatian way across town Bogdanovci towards Nuštar and Vinkovci.
            Yugoslav army in Vukovar battlefield dragging huge amounts of war materiel and manpower. From Belgrade, Novi Sad and other parts of Serbia on the road to Vukovar moving endless lines of motorized units with a variety of weapons and personnel.
Began unprecedented aggression on Vukovar.
            In September 1991st Vukovar was completely surrounded. In Vukovar begins unequal struggle between the defenders, mostly civilians, and one of the best equipped armies in Europe. This unequal fight lasts until the 18th studenog 1991st year when srbočetničke units previously destroying the city, carried out the occupation of Vukovar.
            Terrible was life in the besieged city of Vukovar. They lived in damp and dark basement. Children are dying of hunger and disease. But the scariest time comes after the occupation of Vukovar.
In Vukovar falls mass unbridled savagery, which kills any living thing. The most terrible scenes of death were dying in basements, since the Chetnik gangs in basements throwing bombs when he killed mostly children, women and elderly. The Chetniks were killing people on the streets and in houses, as well as in places where they were brought under arrest Vukovar.
            About what happened then in Vukovar best seen video entry occupiers in Vukovar, which was circulated around the world. Scenes, which show the beard overgrown and full of blood Chetniks singing'' Slobodan, send us salad, 'the meat, slaughter the "Croats will'', the most eloquent witness to the kind of occupation of Vukovar is doing and what the motives of the occupation.
            Upon entering the Chetniks in the city, regardless of whether they are children, women, the elderly or disabled, were all captured and taken to concentration camps. In these detention camps, of which there were dozens of Vukovar, were made unprecedented executions of civilians. Every Serb - neighbor is separated from the column unhappy people - your neighbors Croats, who was then alone or together with other Chetniks killed.
There was a case to be brought to a concentration camp, father, mother and seven year old son, and after a while the mother was released, and the father and son were slain. The main weapon of the savages for the liquidation of innocent people was a knife and a broken glass bottle.
            The hardest example, and probably unknown in the history of warfare, it was forced evacuation of wounded from the Vukovar hospital and Borovo Commerce, which is an operation led Yugoslav Army officer Major Sljivancanin. These wounded were taken in the direction of Ovcara, where UNPROFOR officially confirmed the existence of mass graves.
Towards Ovčare taken over 700 wounded, and there are indications that those wounded and killed on the same day that the najbestijalniji way, knife, butt, metal bars, broken glass bottles, etc. Crime unknown civilized world.
            Otherwise, during the aggression on Vukovar city is attacked all kinds of weapons that the Yugoslav army had in its arsenal. Vukovar was attacked with hundreds of tanks, cannons, howitzers, rockets, mortars, aircraft and warships and from all sides, and with the territory of Vojvodina and Serbia.
            The attacks on Vukovar participated in over 35,000 enemy soldiers. In these barbaric attacks killed 80 children without one or both parents has remained about 900 Vukovar children. Killed over 2500 people and injured about 4200 people.
            After the destruction and occupation of Vukovar expelled all Croatian and other non-Serb population of Vukovar. Over 18 000 of Vukovar passed a camp of torture and humiliation. It must be stressed that the Serbian camps over and children, the elderly and the sick and wounded. All of them have undergone torture tests and writing of coerced statements, where even the older people were asked to recognize how they killed children or neighbors Serbs. Horrifying stories of these old people, who are of Serbian soldiers who could be grandchildren or great-grandchildren, beaten many of them and died.
            The city is during the barbaric bombing and shelling occurred over a million projectiles of various calibers. The city was completely destroyed.
            Serbs were most bothered by the history and cultural heritage of Croats in Vukovar, of which the most notable Baroque town of Vukovar. Therefore, their arms up and focused on the destruction of that part of Vukovar.
            Vukovar is now completely destroyed the city. Vukovar was left without their homes, factories, churches, museums, health and other institutions, and even without the trees and birds. It stopped living.
            Today destroyed town with his physiognomy and looks best exemplifies spirituality and'' culture'' Serbs.It can be said that the self-portrait of the local Serbs Vukovar.
            Aggression on Vukovar, Croatia, and thus, the concurrence of all forms of criminal violence and barbarism of the numerous achievements, created thousands of years, the world's civilization.
            Starting with the brutal kidnapping state - legal Croatian territory, accompanied by looting millennium whole property and goods in the area, over, unprecedented in history, genocide and ethnocide against non-Serb population in this area, to total urbocida, ecocide, culturecide and other forms of destruction of human structures, with the ultimate goal of obliterating every trace of Croatian population in the area - this is the idea and the result of Serbian aggression. Tragic but true, it all happened in the same place, in Vukovar.
            In the end we can say that Cardiff has never fallen. Vukovar was completely destroyed, but remained living soul Vukovar and Vukovar residents.
In Zagreb, November, 1994. The
Deputy Mayor
Grgo Plenkovic

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