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How are you? – She heard Gerdov warm voice and she winced.
- I'm fine - she replied hastily. - And you, what are you doing here?
- Corin, I saw that he was drunk. This man can be very dangerous when he's drunk. You need to know
- I do not need a guardian angel - Corin said with icy voice, and turn back to Gerdu.
- I know that you are depressed and upset, and that's why I came .. .- I already told you that I need no
one. I managed to settle in New York all alone, and I'll be struggling with my own problems here by
- I do not mind - Gerd said quietly. - Would it be better that we go back to the party, not?
- I've lost the will to party. I would like to go to my cabin.
- I'll walk you.
- I can do it myself.
- You can not. At this point you need someone who will help you to understand certain things.
- Everyone, except me, know what I need - Corin said with bitterness in his voice.
- Corin, stop being so unpleasant and repulsive. When you stand alone in your cabin, try to be honest
with yourself, and you will know what to do and how to do that. You know very well what is good for
you and what is not. And, one more thing! Tomorrow morning at eight o'clock wait for me on the
deck. You need to practice a little bit before the tournament.
Corin opened her mouth in surprise. So Gerd was the one who signed her up for the tournament in a
little golf.
- Are you surprised? - He asked cheerfully. - I overheard your conversation with Brison. You need a
little fun, right?
- How do you know that I want to play with you?
- It does not matter with whom you play. Terry has made such a schedule that you play with me.
Good night, Corin. Tomorrow you must be eager and well rested. When I play, I play always to win.
The next day, in the morning, Corin was on deck at exactly eight o'clock. The morning was nice and
warm. She could relax, since Brison will not appear until lunch. There was a lot of people on deck
already. Some were participants in the tournament, and other were spectators and fans of the game.
Corin dressed practical and sporty. She was wearing green shorts and a sports shirt of the same color.
She felt admiring glances of the men, but she looked for another person.
- Today, I like your haircut - she heard a brief comment, she turned and saw that Gerda Bain who, as
usual, smiled to her warmly and sincerely. For this occasion, Corin tied her hair in a ponytail, so it
would not bother her with the game. With a this hairstyle she seemed younger and more naive. - I
secured us a training course - Gerd continued and lead them to the lower deck. – There is not much
time, but still, we should stretch a little bit.
Gerd Bain was a fantastic teacher. Very patient, and with a lot of smothnes, he explained the rules
Corin and incited her to be the best as she can be so that they achieve success. Brison has often been
nervous, and even shouted at her when he was unhappy with her singing and playing. Gerd never
raised his tone, nor said a harsh word. It was obvious that has was always been like that, and that he
knows the way with people.
Corin was eager to start the tournament. She had never participated in a competition, and because
of that she was very excited. She grew curiousity with every moment. She wanted to see if she will be
able to compete with the others, which means submitng to the defeat, but to look forward to victory.
Gerd and her started great. After the whole hour of gaming, the were qualified for the finals. When
the speaker announced their first win, Gerd, in delight, grabbed Corine and began to spin her in a
circle. Only when he dropped her to the ground, she realized what was going on with her. She
crossed hands around his neck and kissed him loudly on the cheek.
- You are awesome! - Gerd shouted enthusiastically. – Your gaming skill is the same as your beauty!
We will win all our opponents! When, their second victory was announced the enthusiasm of Corin
knew no limits. She acted now spontaneously and naturally. She threw herself into Gerdu arms, not
thinking for a moment about the possible consequences. She wanted to share with him the joy over
the success of the game, and she was convinced that no one can take that as something bad.
But something happened she was not expecting. Gerd has not let her go of the hug. On the contrary!
He pulled himself even more strongly to her lips with a long, passionate kiss. Corin was scared. His
tenderness, which she had already met, excited her again, but, she could not afford that to last. Gerd
did not have intention to remove her from himself. Therefore, she looked him sharply and stepped
one step back from him. Gerd did not insist, only she winked and said mischievously. - That was for
good luck, right?
Corin and Gerd continued playing and winning. She fervently tried too much because she wanted
Gerd to be pleased with her as a partner. He signed up her for this game and this way he allowed her
to spend a nice day in the dynamic and sporting contests.
She was very happy when the tournament finished and when Terry Dalen declared her and Gerda as
winners. She proudly stood by his partner, convinced that many women at this point envy her.
- I think we fitted very quickly - Gerd told her when they were alone. - It is unfortunate that you
spent so much time in the rehearsal room. Your singing and playing is great, and that means you do
not need to spend hours and hours on rehearsing the same songs. You need the air, the sea and
Corin listened Gerda and looking into the vast, shining ocean. This man was right, and she wanted
him to talk more. She was aware that she was very comfortable in his company. She began be aware
of her value and beauty, and beauty of the world and life in general. Gerd raised her morale, gave
her the opportunity to show and prove herself. His every move, his every word let her to know that
he cares about her. Only she did not know whether he was like that with other women who have
raced for him.
Delia Winthrop interrupted Corins pleasant thoughts, she approached with urgent step. In fact, she
approached to Gerdu.
- Gerde, I hope that you are finished with a mini-golf - she said and she looked with the grimish look
to Korine. - Some of us, miss your company, when you do only one thing a lot. You know, I want to
talk to you about something, and that means you must take, this miserable and lonely woman, to the
lunch .
In that moment Corin felt as if someone stabbed her in the heart. Delia was not a woman he or
anyone else could handle easily. She was a handsome, confident and if she wanted, she could
accomplish her goal for sure. At this point, Delia needed someone like Gerd, a man who will make
her company, who will admire her and who will fulfill her whims. In a duel with such a woman, Corina
does not have a chance. She was young and inexperienced and did not know how to behave in such a
high, fashionable circles ..
- Delia - Gerd said to her warmly – Can u please wait for a few moments? I'd like to escort Korin to
her cabin.
- There is no need - Corin almost interrupted Gerd. - I guess I can go alone to my cabin during
daylight. And on the other hand, I am convinced that Brison is looking form me already, and I don't
want to keep him waiting.
She smiled to Gerdu with the cutest smile in the world, because she knew that he would be upset
becouse of her words. Of course, not because of her, but because of Brison. He could not tolerate
- Corin, dear - Delia paid the attention to her for the first time - I'm sorry but I have to say something
completely disappointing. Brison and I saparated a few moments ago. He told me he had to do a very
important job and he went to the other end of the ship. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure that
he is not searhing for you.
- Delia, dear - Corin replied her in the same tone - Brison and I usually meet in my cabin. Gerde, many
thanks for your participation in the competition with me.
With these words, Corin said goodbye to Gerdovog and Delijinog, heading towards her cabin. In fact,
she wanted to know where is Brison. First she knocked on the door of his cabin, but there was no
answer. He did not appear for lunch and Corin eated her meal quickly and without appetite. Because
she did not want to be alone, wearing a bathing suit, she decided to spend some time to the pool.
She did not miss Brison much, because she knew that he will want to talk about what happened last
night, it will be inevitable. However, something bothered her to find out where he is and with whom
he is.
On the pool there was hardly any swimmers. Corin refreshed in a nice pool water, then stretched out
on a deck chair for sunbath. As soon as she closed her eyes, an image appeared so vibrant that she
had to open them again. Gerd and Delia! When she closed her eyes again, she saw them again,
casually leaning against the fence, and they smileed to her. Corin seemed that was ironic smiles, and
that they are happy that she left.
In her mind, she managed to remove Delia, but she could not get rid of Gerds figure. He was a rich
man, and that meant that he had the money and time to spare. He had something against Brison and
he was showing that openly. He kissed her a few times gently and passionately, but that certainly did
not mean anything in particular. Such a thing he could allow himself always and with every woman.
He knew how much he was appealing and that no one will deny him. She thought how it would look
if Gerd, guided by certain osetanjima, realy kissed her, and she shook. She opened her eyes, trying to
drive away this thoughts, but that was hard to accomplish. To put Gerda aside, she began to think
about Brison. She owed a lot to him, because he was her teacher, partner and friend. If it was not for
him, she would not have traveled with this luxurious ship and she would not have enjoyed so much.
It was time for the rehearsals, and she went to her cabin to change, and soon after that she appeared
in the rehearsal room. Brison was waiting and, by all accounts, he was in a bad mood. He suggested
that they start immediately, and she gladly accepted his proposal. He did not mention last night's
incident, and she was glad that it was so. Maybe it meant that he had forgiven her, trying to forget
everything in this way as quickly as possible.
Their performance tonight was a success as usual, but Corin was surprised when, immediately after
the program, Brison called her for a little walk around the upper deck.
The evening was fresh and for first time on a cruise, the sky was covered with clouds. Corin was in
the dress in which she performed that evening and she was cold. After Brison saw that, he took off
his jacket and wrap her in it. This just was not characTerrystic of him, that kind of gesture from Brison
was quite strange to Corin. To show him how she admire such attention, she smiled warmly.
- You know, honey – Brison began, and he suddenly stopped and put his hands on her shoulders.

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