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forward to her success and the new relationship that has developed between them before this show.
After the program, she began to dance. Brison was singing and dancing with a microphone in her
hand as he moved between dance pairs. Corin is passed from one hand to another. Many wanted to
dance with her, and she did not have the heart to refuse them. All of her partners have admired her
looks and singing and they gave her compliments in that sense. In one dance break, Brison
approached her and offered a glass.
- Honey, I drink this for us - he said, and put the kiss on her lips. - Think of what awaits us in the
future and after the celebration, as for me, I would immediately retire from this event ...
- Do not you think it would not be nice that we, now in the middle of a party, leave delighted
passengers? It is still very early, and your female fans cannot wait any longer for you to be free so
they can dance with you.
- Baby, do not try to avoid or postpone what inevitably has to happen. Drink it drink! You'll see how
you'll feel good. You need to relax, just that and nothing more.
After these words, Brison was lost in the crowd of danc couples and Corin was alone at the fence of
the ship with a glass in her hand. She did not like her drink, but she drank a sip by sip to delay the
departure with Brison. She felt very uncomfortable. She reproached herself for that reckless act of
throwing herself into the arms of a man for whom she did not care much. Now she just knew that it
was only becouse of Brisons popularity and the fact that, he chose her over many good singers in
- Corin, dear - Brison began whispering in her ear when he came back - you are so beautiful and
sweet, so desirable. I can not wait for all this to end, so that the two of us can retreat to enjoy our
love and happiness. All men and watching you tonight, and you're all mine, mine ...
Brison was very drunk and was almost unable to control himself. Hi was putting his lips on her hair,
neck and cheeks. Corin thought she will perish in shame. They were exposed to the views of all
passangers, and his behavior was so rude, even humiliating. And, when his hands were allowed more
freedom, Corin was unable to overcome herself. She strongly pushed him away, and he landed in the
pool like a bullet, she heard a strong splash from the pool, and then a thunderous saughter from a
present passangers. Corin froze in horror. She knew she would never be able to fix what she did.
Two strong men helped Brison to get out of the pool. The popular singing star looked really
miserable. Water was dripping from Brisonovog clothes, and his hair was all messy and glued. To
make himself less exposed to the views of others, Brison immediately headed to his cabin, and Corin
followed him.
- Brison, is everything okay? - She asked, almost breathlessly. - I'm really sorry. . .
- You should be ashamed of what you did to me - he said as he turned and struck her with the icy
look in his eyes. – It will not be easy with me. I will melt the ice in your heart, I'll break resistance. . .
You're not my first! Go, and tonight do not appear in front of my eyes! The same for tomorrow. I
need to sleep.
- But Brison, tomorrow is a small golf tournament .. .
- What kind of tournament? I do not care for that crap! Did not I tell you to look for another partner?
Brison went to his cabin, and Corina returned to the deck. She stood in one gloomy corner and
started to think about what happened tonight. She was sorry that Brison fell into the pool, but all this
would not have happened if he was not drunk and if he did not behave badly in front of everyone.
The small golf tournament fell on her mind. If Brison did not sign her up, who is, then?
- How are you? – She heard Gerdov warm voice and she winced.
- I'm fine - she replied hastily. - And you, what are you doing here?
- Corin, I saw that he was drunk. This man can be very dangerous when he's drunk. You need to know
- I do not need a guardian angel - Corin said with icy voice, and turn back to Gerdu.
- I know that you are depressed and upset, and that's why I came .. .- I already told you that I need no
one. I managed to settle in New York all alone, and I'll be struggling with my own problems here by
- I do not mind - Gerd said quietly. - Would it be better that we go back to the party, not?
- I've lost the will to party. I would like to go to my cabin.
- I'll walk you.
- I can do it myself.
- You can not. At this point you need someone who will help you to understand certain things.
- Everyone, except me, know what I need - Corin said with bitterness in his voice.
- Corin, stop being so unpleasant and repulsive. When you stand alone in your cabin, try to be honest
with yourself, and you will know what to do and how to do that. You know very well what is good for
you and what is not. And, one more thing! Tomorrow morning at eight o'clock wait for me on the
deck. You need to practice a little bit before the tournament.
Corin opened her mouth in surprise. So Gerd was the one who signed her up for the tournament in a
little golf.
- Are you surprised? - He asked cheerfully. - I overheard your conversation with Brison. You need a
little fun, right?
- How do you know that I want to play with you?
- It does not matter with whom you play. Terry has made such a schedule that you play with me.
Good night, Corin. Tomorrow you must be eager and well rested. When I play, I play always to win.
The next day, in the morning, Corin was on deck at exactly eight o'clock. The morning was nice and
warm. She could relax, since Brison will not appear until lunch. There was a lot of people on deck
already. Some were participants in the tournament, and other were spectators and fans of the game.
Corin dressed practical and sporty. She was wearing green shorts and a sports shirt of the same color.
She felt admiring glances of the men, but she looked for another person.
- Today, I like your haircut - she heard a brief comment, she turned and saw that Gerda Bain who, as
usual, smiled to her warmly and sincerely. For this occasion, Corin tied her hair in a ponytail, so it
would not bother her with the game. With a this hairstyle she seemed younger and more naive. - I
secured us a training course - Gerd continued and lead them to the lower deck. – There is not much
time, but still, we should stretch a little bit.
Gerd Bain was a fantastic teacher. Very patient, and with a lot of smothnes, he explained the rules
Corin and incited her to be the best as she can be so that they achieve success. Brison has often been
nervous, and even shouted at her when he was unhappy with her singing and playing. Gerd never
raised his tone, nor said a harsh word. It was obvious that has was always been like that, and that he
knows the way with people.
Corin was eager to start the tournament. She had never participated in a competition, and because
of that she was very excited. She grew curiousity with every moment. She wanted to see if she will be
able to compete with the others, which means submitng to the defeat, but to look forward to victory.
Gerd and her started great. After the whole hour of gaming, the were qualified for the finals.

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