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Brisonovog absence. Still, she could not, and neither she ad the right to demand too much of her.
After all, It was required from Corin to meet only what is in the contract. However, Terry asked
Korine to appear at the party, which will be held the last night on board before ship sails into New
Yorks harbor. Corin has agreed to sing for the simple reason that she wanted to thank the lovely
Terry and her sincere friendship during the cruise.
Corin was very pleased that she will be perform solo, at this big party, because that meant she have
the right to choose the repertoire and wardrobe. If Brison was here, everything will not be the same
for sure.
Then came the last day of the cruise. Corin felt weird. She was not sad, but she just was not looking
forward to parting with all those people she met, and who was cheering during performances. Again,
it was clear that she was in love with Gerda and that parting with him will be very difficult. In fact,
she has already parted with him, but she was very angry because he did not suffer because of that.
Why would he suffer when he will be married with Delia Winthrop soon. Tomorrow will be the end of
all their troubles and hopes. The ship will sail into New Yorks harbor, and everyone will go their own
way. The passengers from the ship will bring good memories from this cruise, and as for her, just a
pain and an empty heart will remain.
For the tonight performance, she decided to be nice and very carefully dressed. This event not only
meant the end of the cruise, but her singing career also. She had enough money to immediately
upon her arrival in New York, buy a plane ticket and go back to her Indiana.
She decided to put one of her dresses, the one that she liked the most. It was a white, silk dress with
very simple cut, long to the ground, surrounded by a green, velvet ribbon. With that ribbon the color
of her eyes came to the expression.
When she came on stage, she was very calm and concentrated. She was pleased with herself and she
knew that she had never looked better.
The audience filled the hall to it’s full capacity. It was completely dark, except for that part of the
stage, where she sat with a guitar her hands. She sang beautifully and inspiringly. The audience
listened in such peace that, after the last chords of the song "Looking for you" were played, in the
hall there was only silence . Only when Corin began to
bow, applause erupted in the room. He was so strong and he lasted so much, that Corina had a few
more songs to sing in encore. And besides that, she was very pleased. Her singing career did not
lasted for long, but the end was great. Each singer wanted to end his career like this.
After completing the program Corina returned to the dressing room. She came to take a box for the
guitar, but her eyes remained riveted on the title in an open magazine. She wondered who broth this
magazine in the wardrobe, because it was not here before.
On almost half of the side in the magazine, there were photos of a tall, slender man with dark hair
and a beard. No, her eyes is not deceiving her! It was a picture of a Hugh Brison. Now she just did not
understand anything about Brison. The photo was his, but the name is not. She remembered that
Delia once asked her if she ever heard the name of Hamilton. In excitement, she started to read the
article, so she did not notice that someone opened the door and walked into the dressing room.
- Do not bother to read the article – she heard Gerdov voice. When she looked up, she saw Delia too
behind his back.
- Did you leave this journal here? - Corin asked Gerda quietly.
- I did. As you can see, this is one of the first issues of "People" magazine. He had then about twentythree
years. He seems very young, right? I suppose you know about who I'm talking, right? Then I
began my career too. Do you mind if I sit down for a minute?
Instead of answering, Corina looked to Delia and shook like in a fever. In a while, the woman will
become Džerđova wife and he would do everything to make her happy.
- It does not matter whether you like it or not that we are here - Delia turned to Corina. - I'll tell you
what I wanted to tell you - she went and sat in the first chair.
You'd better listen to me, because you will save the embarrassment for yourself and for us this way.
- It's about Brison, right? - Corin stammered and looked at a picture in a magazine.
- Yeah, it is. It took me a long time to find him. He changed his hairstyle, posture, everything, but I
still managed. His real name is Brian Hamilton.
- I guess Hugh Brison was his stage name - Corin tried to say something in Brisonovu defense.
- No, sweetie darling, no. It's his false name, and that's a big difference. When this photograph was
made, your Brison was married and divorced twice all ready. He was on a path to lose all his wealth,
and a huge inheritance.
- Delia - Corin interrupted nervously - I do not care about Brisons past.
- But I want to know, my hany, and all his fans. I would not be on this board if I did not felt something
should be done regarding this, we need to expose a cheater. Gerd helped me in this work and
because of that I want finally to see him happy and satisfied.
- I have no idea what you're talking about - Corin said and looked down.
- Let me finish, and everything will be clear. My little darling, Brison is a gambler. I can not say that
gambling is his pleasure. I'd say it's his passion, a disease. He lost huge sums of money, he loses more
than he receives. He lost all the money he inherited and then the money, who inherited his two, ex
wifes. All the money of his friends from he is always borrowing, and is unable to return it to them.
Corin, he's a sick man. You as no surprise about what you heard?
- Well, it does not surprise me. Once I went to the casino with him and then I saw how he behaves.
When he was winning, he did not know for himself of luck when he lost, he went completely crazy.
He ran from one machine to another, shouting, swearing, losing his nerves. However, I think
successful career is ahead of him and that we should not stand in the way of his success. He was
offered the opportunity to become a film actor. I think it is not nice from your and Gerdove side that
you want to disable it.
- My darling, you don’t know what are you saying and that’s why it is no wonder that you can not
free yourself from a certain beliefs. Now it is clear to me, why Gerd has so many problems with you.
Sit down, my baby, and try to bear with me until the end. Brison was not going to concert in Paris
because neither he was engaged. He was in Monte Carlo and at all times, while we toured Athens
and Rome, he was gambling. He lost a lot of money, and now he is seriously ill. In desperation, he is
not aware about himself, he is not capable of anything, let alone to continue singing. My magazine
sent me on a cruise so that I found out truth about Brison. At this point I am ready to submit an
article that will cause a sensation. Can you imagine that? - Delia said enthusiastically, her eyes was
shining with unusual flame.
Corin was very excited. It seemed to her that she was just as desperate and sick as Brison. She stud
there in silence, because she was not able to say anything. She was not angry at Brison, even he was
not obnoxious to her. She felt sorry for him greatly, and she wanted to cry. The article, which Delia
will write for her magazine, will destroy Brisons career completely.
- And now - she heard Delia’svoice that seemed to come from a distance, if you want to hear what
Gerd has to do with Brison? Gerd knew the parents of a Hugh Brison, and Bryan Hamilton and he
knew how much they wanted their only son succeed in life. Then Brian suddenly lost it, and Gerd did
not see ever again shim until he got on this ship and...

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