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It was even his duty, because all on the boat were accustomed to see they always together.
Captain Hendricks was a very handsome middle aged man. Black hair was streaked with gray hair,
but that made captain’s hair more attractive and interesting. He sat between Korine and Delije, and it
could be concluded that he was very pleased that he sits between such beautiful and young two
ladies. He did not neglected one or the other girl. He talked with them, he joked, he did all in his
power to the amuze them.
- I must confess - and he began gently patted Corin arm - I'm very happy that you, Miss Henderson,
and Mr. Hugh are selected to entertain the guests on this wonderful boat. In fact, I might have to
give full credit to Mr. Bain for the great idea of the construction of this ship, and Ms. Dalen for the
excellent organization of life and entertainment on board.
- Thank you, sir - Terry said and flushed. - My credit for that is small compared with what Brison and
Corin are doing to entertain all the passengers on board. They are happy with them, the young and
the old.
- Ms. Dalen, you are very modest, but you are right. My darling - the captain again turned to Corin -
your voice is very nice and clean. I'd like you sing more solos. Of course, I like all the songs in your
repertoire - captain continued and he looked in Brison - but my favorite is last song. Only, I forgot her
name. What it is called?
- "Looking for you" - readily and significantly Gerd added and look to Korine.
- That's right! That's the song. I'd like you to sing more of such songs. Youth vigorously loves music
and is being overwhelmed by it, but, we know what's right for us, the seniors.
- Corin will sing solo tonight - Terry said and smiled first to captain, then to Corna.
- Great! I want a place in the first row place. Mrs. Winthrop – he finally turned to Delia - I'm very glad
that you are also in this cruise. Do you work for the magazine "Person"?
Corin noted that Captain addressed Delia with "Madame." She did not know whether he did it
intentionally or accidentally. Delia acted like she was not married, and therefore for Corin that was
very strange.
- Yes, Captain, I work for that magazine - Delia replied and gave him a seductive glance and smile.
- My dear - Captain continues - you enjoy great trust from the husband, when he decided to let you
alone on this cruise.
- I do not care what my husband thinks of me – Delia said with icy voice. As soon as I get back from
this cruise, I am getting a divorce. And you, Captain, can you tell us who let you spend your life on the
oceans, always in the company of beautiful women? - Delia asked captain this very provocative
Captain Hendricks just smiled enigmatically, denying Delia answer to her question.
Conversation at the table was still very exciting, but Corin was preoccupied by the fact that it is Gerd
Bain next to her and that at times looks questioningly at her. When her napkin accidentally dropped
on the floor, she bent down to grab it, but Gerd also did that. And their hands met under the table,
and she shivered, as when his lips landed on hers. When they both raised in normal position, all eyes
were on them. Corin blushed and began to pointing the plate with a fork. Gerd Bain raised his glass
as a toast to someone, and took a sip of sparkling champagne.
From that moment on, Corin was unable to calm down herself. She began to think about Brison and
Gerdu. Why Gerd claimed to know Brison, and Brison contradicted to that? The two of them know
each other or not? Why Delia was so interested in Brisonovu past, and why she chose to learn
everything there was to know about him with any means necessary? Brison was very nervous today
and upset. Why today? Was his mood related to Delijinim interview and meeting with Gerdom? All
that was very complicated, yet connected with her, and that is the most upsetting.
- I can not wait ball under masks! - Delia yelld enthusiastically.
- Everything is ready for the ball - Terry said with important voice. – The costumes are in one cabin,
and all travelers who wish to participate the ball, can use them. How many will manage to disguise
themselves, depends on their imagination.
- Is this ball tomorrow? - Corina said.
- No, the next day - Terry replied. - There's plenty of time to choose a costume that you like. Corin, I
see your name on the list of passengers who participate in the little golf tournament. I'm so glad that
the audience will be able to see that you interested in sports.
- My name? - Corin asked genuinely surprised. - Ah, yes - she began to pull back - I'm not a great
player, but it is important to participate.
Corin was convinced that Brison put her name on the list, and that he had decided to change the his
way of living during this cruise. She looked at him thankfully, and he just frowned like if he did not
know what it is all about.
After dinner, Delia called Gerda to walk around the deck with her, and Corin was happy, because
Brison and her were alone. She wanted to talk to him.
- Brison - She began quietly, fearing that he was offended - I ...
- Corina - he interrupted rudely - go to your cabin and try to get some rest before the show. I'll wait
for you in the hall for rehearsals in one hour.
Both were ready to go on stage. They stud silently, because Brison was still frowning and moody.
Corin felt like a growing unease and tension. A knock at the door meant that the two of them must
get on the stage, and Corin knew that she would not be able to open her mouth.
Without a word Brison took his guitar and headed for the door. Corin took his hand and pulled him
hard to herself. Immediately, she threw herself into his arms and looked up his lips. She done all that
quickly and passionately, to change something in him, to force Brison's attention to her. She was not
able to take his resentment and indifference longer.
When he recovered from the surprise, Brison slightly pushed her from himself and start staring her
straight in the eye.
- Honey – he said and firmly draw her to himself - what's going on with you? What do I owe this
much attention that you are giving to me? And that desire ... Passion ... What does that mean?
- Today you are so moody and sad - Corin began honestly, and hung her head. - I thought that it was
necessary to encourage you, to show you that someone believe you ... Brison, you're great and you
can do anything. Tonight you'll blow your audience, and ...
- I waited this so long - Brison whispered and he put his lips on hers. - I knew that honest feelings,
real passion will speak out from you. Honey, after the program, we will continue what we have
started now.
That night their performance was better than ever. Brison was in a good mood, and that was ok for
Corin. Her solo song was before the last song of the repertoire. She sang with great enthusiasm,
because she felt support from the public. It was quiet on deck, and all eyes were on her. She tried not
to look at one side, but she had to. And then Gerdov look captured hers, and it seemed to her that
she will stop playing, that their eye contact lasts forever.
When she separated her fingers from the guitar strings, the deck is silent at first, then thunderous
applause erupted. Corina looked Brison. He smiled at her and winked. It meant that he was looking

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