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wig which stood on a shelf above the clothes a with characTerrystic of Cleopatra. Corin immediately
tried it and decided to dress that. She could not wait to put a wig. She wanted to see how she would
look like a brunette with straight hair and bangs. She was not even sure whether she will be able to
identify herself.
She quickly pulled on a wig and looked at herself in the mirror. She was more than pleased. From the
mirror entirely new face smiled. Although she is supposed to be wearing a mask over her eyes, she
decided on putting her makeup on, as did the famous beauties of Egypt.
Instead of shoes, she wore light sandals who were tied with ribbons to the very knees. Corin has even
puted a mask over her eyes, and once again she looked herself in the mirror. She liked the woman
who stared at her. Still, she looked more mature and serious. If Brison or Gerd recognize her or not,
they will not consider that they are standing in front of bumbling and inexperienced girl tonight. She
was wearing a costume of a princess and great lover, and she tried to empathize in this role as much
as she possible can.
Once again, she fixed makeup on her lips and eyes, and she decided to go to the ballroom. There has
already been a lot of masked quests when Corin quite cautiously entered and stood by the door.
Noisy and colorful crowd moved from one end of the hall to the other, and Corin seemed they swing
like a sea wave. Masks bowed and smiled to each other and they looked is the other side able to
recognize them or not.
The orchestra was playing fast and loud songs. And its members were under masks too, and Corin
couldn’t recognize them.
Hall was transformed for this occasion into a ballroom and was decorated very nicely. There were a
lot of colorful paper lanterns, garlands and flowers. Corin was truly fascinated. Around her there
were kings and queens, famous historical figures, clowns and buffoons, figures from children's fairy
tales. Special attractions were the pirates, convicts, cavemen, and those who came from outer space.
Corin headed toward the bar. She was so thirsty she had to drink something cold and refreshing. Just
as she drank iced lemonade and a returned glass back on the table, the band played the waltz and
she found herself in the arms of a real, veritable bear. She had so much fun that she began to laugh
out loud. Her partner was silent and he moved with her safely through the crowd in the hall. The next
dance was a tango and she was dancing with Winston Churchill, himself. She was very nice and fun.
This masquerade was staged in honor of the imminent entry of the ship into the waters of the
Mediterranean. Corin never in her life experienced anything like this, so all this world and all this
diversity was more like a fairytale than reality.
As soon as the dance ended, Corin rushed to the entrance of the hall, because it was already half
past ten. She was convinced that Brison was already waiting, and she did not want him to get angry.
But, Corin was standing by the door and waited more than ten minutes, but there was no trace of the
gladiator. She was not so mad at him, because he was late, but to herself becouse she was helplessly
standing at the door waiting to encounter one that had to be the accurate. Since Brison did not
appear, Corin decided on dancing again. Anonymity, which was provided by her mask, suited her
perfectly. She was passing from one hand to the other, she was dancing, having fun, laughing, nor did
she know anyone of her dance partners, nor its partners knew what girl they held in their arms.
Maybe she was dancing only with the unknown people, and perhaps with some good friends! Even
Gerd Bain could be one of her partners so far. Since no one was able to recognize each other all
masks played its role. If that was the goal of the ball, then it was perfectly successful.
After another dance Corin went to the door again to check if Brison is there. He, of course, was
nowhere to be found, and she sat back to the table with a refreshing drink. She did not regret her
gladiator has not appeared.
The punch was cool and fragrant. She poured herself a full glass and sidelooked at the woman who
stood beside her. She was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and she seemed ridiculous. Corin was
glad that she did not decide on this costume.
- Cleopatra, dear - Little Red Riding Hood chirped - would you be so kind to pass me that wonderful
cheese? Can you? Oh, I'm sorry to bother you.
Corina could not believe her eyes. She stood and watched Little Red Riding Hood, and she did not
respond anything.
- Cleopatra, honey, I'm talking to you, to you! I want just cheese and nothing else.
- Oh, yes, yes - Corin said with altered voice. - Here you go!
She still could not believe that in front of her was, in the form of a Red Riding Hood stood Delia
Winthrop. One musketeer came for her, and she found herself momentarily in the middle of the hall.
She froze when she saw the gladiator, Brison, who has hurriedly walked towards the entrance of the
hall. She did not know what to do. She did not want to leave her partner, and she had to meet with
Brison. So, he was already in the hall, and he probably went to the entrance of the hall for several
times in order to found her.
As soon as the dance ended, she began vigorously break through the crowd. She refused several
dance invitations, hurrying to the entrance.
She was stunned when she saw Brison. He was really nice and very masculine. The costume, was
revealing his nice, muscular body and emphasized the tan that he got on this cruise. On his head he
wore a protective helmet, so that she only saw his eyes. Corin still could not believe what a miracle
can be done with such an easy and effective costume. At one point she even thought it's not Brison.-
Hello! - She shouted happily as he approached. She had to shout because the hall was very noisy. All
voices are merged into one noisy noise.
Gladiator turned around and looked at her and Korin seemed, that he smiled. He did not say
anything, and she was surprised. She looked in the direction of his eyes, wanting to find in them an
answer for this behavior.
- Hey, it's me, Corin!
- Cleopatra, you're just beautiful - she heard mumbling, that came under the helmet. - Oh, Cleopatra,
are we going to dance now?
Corin was overjoyed. She managed to find Brison and she was happy when they, in an exceptional
pace and rhythm, marched towards the center hall. She was no longer angry with him, becouse he
did not bother to arive in time.
One dance replaced another, and the two of them did not separating from each other. Brison was
right when he said that the two of them are perfect for each other. She was nice and she was happy,
she wanted this night never becomes the day. Still, something was quite strange. Tonight for the first
time she concluded that Brison is dancing extraordinary. She danced with him so far, but, never like
like tonight.
The longer she danced with Brison, Corin was more and more surprised in herself. His proximity
excited her as never before, his hands were so soft and warm. When his lips touched hers, she closed
her eyes and wished that all the clocks in the world just stop, and that kiss lasts forever. Someone
else in her life kissed her like that but .... It did not matter now. Between her and Brison right, true
love emerged, and she thought that she was the happiest girl in the world.
Corin seemed that she no longer hears the music so loudly, and that the voices of people are coming
from a distance. That was Brison takeing her to the remote corner of the hall, where they continued...

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