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Maybe tonight I will have luck.
Corin was trying to sleep, but sleep was not coming to her eyes. She was turning over on the bed,
sighing, and trying to forget what she herd. When she finally drifted in to sleep, her dreams gone to
nightmare in which she was runing to something she wanted to achieve, which was more and more
away from her. She ran with heavy and long stem, but she could not manage to arrive to that she
craved for. It was so hard that she wanted to wake from the dream. Sirens began to howl and she
opened her eyes .. Is she still dreaming, or something happened on the boat? No, it was not a dream.
Sirens was still howling, and there was also a persistent banging on her door.
- Miss Henderson, are you awake? - She heard John's agitated voice. – We have rescue. You must get
up! Hurry up!
Corin quickly got up and rushed to the door. She opened it and found herself face to face with John.
- Thank you, John - she whispered. - I'll go with you. I just want to wear something and put on my
- Miss Henderson, we do not have a moment longer. You are already late, and the captain is very
strict when it comes to things like this. John took off a life jacket from the cabin wall and he deftly
pulled jacket over her head. Corina knew she could not object. Certain rules on board had to be
respected without question.
- Hey, baby - she heard a cheerful voice of Brisonov. - I did not think that we will meet again tonight.
We have to be disciplined and to obey the orders,
- Brison, you're dressed like you did not even go to bed. What time is it?
- Two in the morning. Casino is still working, but what good is that when I had to leave because of
this exercise. - Having noticed that Corin is trembling, he asked carefully. - How are you?
- Much better - she replied quietly.
- Excellent! We may even have a little fun when this comedy is over.
- Brison, hush! You need to listen to the instructions of the officer.
- You see for yourself that no one is listening - Brison said cheerfully. - Just let him talk! That's his job.
Corin was very nervous. She was trying to listen to the officer and Brison, she looked on the crowd of
passengers, if she could see the person who she wanted to see. When her eyes met Gerdov he
winked at her. Immediately, tears started in Corins eyes. Is it possible that this man was so
hypocritical, that he was saying one thing and did other? Through the veil of tears, in the distance,
she saw a hand of Delije Winthrop, which was intimately waveing in the direction of Gerd. The two of
them are certainly not just a conspiracy. They had to be lovers. Quite unconsciously, Corin went very
close to Brison which realized that move from her as a special gesture of attention and affection.
With one arm he strongly hugged her, then he turned to her and kissed her. Corin was trembling, but
not because Brisons kiss excited her. She remembered Gerdovih kisses, warm and gentle that
awakened passion and desire in her, and she realized how she is cold and indifferent from Brison
touches. It was clear now that she will never love someone like she loves Gerda, and that some other
man will never be able to awaken what Gerd has awakened.
- Brison - she said impatiently and sharply when she separated from him – we must listen what the
officer is saying. He was on duty, and we should respect his efforts to do his job in the best way
- Do not worry, honey, but it seems to me that the exercise is over. Brison was right. Horn sounded
again, signaling the end of exercises. Passengers began dispersing to their quarters. Brison hugged
Korine tightly close to him.
- Shall we go to yours or my cabin? - He asked in a whisper.
- Brison, Midnight has passed long ago, and I need a break. It is for the best that we tell each other
good night and I'll see you tomorrow morning.
- No, my baby, this time you shall not escape - Brison said angrily, and pushed her in front of him.
They reached his cabin in no time. He opened the door and forcibly pushed her into the dark room.
Corina could not defend himself.
- Brison - she shouted, as the cabin was illuminating by the the dim, yellow light - did you not said
that I do not need to be afraid of you? How can I trust you when you are acting this way?
- Honey, why should you be afraid? Did we not agree that you'll be my girl? I must be grateful for
everything I have done for you, and you will not even spend one night with me!
After these words, Brison grabbed Korine, in the crudest way, he hugged her and started kissing her
wildly. She was no longer able to pretend that she is grateful for what he had done to her. She knew
that only with force and brutality she will be able to defend herself from this rude and harassing
man. She resisted with hands on his chest, then she pushed him hard to the door. He stretched out
both hands, trying to keep his balance. For a few moments he was breathing very hard, and then he
slowly headed toward her.
- Corin, honey, you know I'm the star and that I can do a lot for you. We are good at the stage, and
we are geting along. Why cannot be the same in our personal lives? I do not want to be rude, but I
want us to establish a normal relationship that should exist between men and women who are
working together. I already told you that you need experience. If you do not start, you'll never get
one. Come on, honey, I'll teach you, I'll tell you love secrets.
She was again in his arms. This time he did not kiss her, but he almost carried her to bed.
- Brison! - Corin screamed as harder as she can, while trying to get away from him and out of the
Neither she, nor Brison did not know what happened. Someone broke into the room, opened the
door widely, and grabbed the collar of Brisons jacket. He strong pulled him, and Corin was free.
- I think this lady wants to go to sleep - she heard Gerdov icy voice. - Sir Hugh, if you still want to
appear under that name, get out my sight!
- I have no idea what you're talking about - Brison muttered and send a precarious step toward the
door. - What do you care what is going on between me and Korine? Also, my business does not
concern you. I think that sentence that you just sent me can be applied to you also. Get out of my
eyes, or I'll ...
Brison did not wait for Gerdov comment. He left his cab strongly slamming the door behind him.
- Corin, is everything okay? - He asked anxiously, staring in her face.
- Yes - she whispered, and began to correct her wrinkles, morning coat. - You know - Corina began in
a low, shaky voice - Brison is absolutely right. There is no need for you to take care of us. The two of
us will fix our relationship and we do not need anyone's help.
- Oh, you silly, did you not repeatedly be warned to beware of this man? I do not understand why
you're so stubborn! Thus, so little is needed that something very bad happens to you, and then no
one will be able to help you.
Corin felt that this man is right, and that his words were honest and sincere. Her eyes filled with
tears, hes throat tightened so that she could not speak a word.
- Corin, I'm so sorry for all of this - Gerd said with warm voice, came to her and embraced her. For the
moment, she immersed in to his arms. She was warm, and she was safe. No one else but Gerd could

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