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But I do not like man tactics. If she come to you again to ask something else, send her away –
Brison said - Corina began to apologize - I did not intend to tell her anything about you, but she was
so nice ...
- Do not talk to her again. Got it? - Brison interruptions Korin with very harsh voice.
- I understand - Corin said, puzzled, and then tries to change the topic, hoping to cheer him up. -
Brison, would like to look at sunrise tomorrow morning? That scene is truly magnificent. Will you?
- Nonsense! Such nonsense have never occurred to me. You know very well that I get up late. If you
want company, find someone who is lying early and get up early.
Then there was a awkward silence. Brison was deep in his thoughts, and Corina did not know
something else she could talk with him. - Oh, hi Corin - Gerd said with pleasant voice, as he
approached the table where she was sitting with Brison.
- Oh, Gerde! Brisone, this is Mr. Bain Gerd. I've already told you that I met him. Gerde, I'd like to
introduce you to ...
- I know - Gerd stops Corin vigorously. - I know this gentleman, mister ... Ah, yes, Hugh! We have
already met once. I suppose you will remember me now.
Brison stood up and cleared his throat. - Mr. Bain, I think you're wrong. You and I have not met
before, and therefore do not bother Korin with this problem any more. Everyone has their own way
to try to get close to celebrities. Your is pretty shabby. Corin, I think it's time for the rehearsal.
Gerd was quite surprised by this bold Brisonovim performance. He was not surprised when he
roughly grabbed Corine's hand and dragged her away from the table.
That afternoon rehearsal was not going well. Brison was nervous, he made mistakes in the song and
on the guitar, and Corin seemed that he forgot some finesses which have been agreed.
The evening was reserved for the reception at the pool. Corin was eager to come, because it was
supposed to sing a song solo. In fact, it was the only song, during the entire cruise, which she was
allowed to sing by Brison.
- Do you want to hear my song? - She asked Brison as they finally agreed repertoire that evening.
- I do not have time to listen to your songs - he shouted angrily. - All that we have chosen is wrong! -
He continued to shout. - Take a guitar and get to work!
Corin was not at all surprised by his tone. The whole afternoon he was irritated, impossible.
When she finally closed the cabin door behind her, Corin was relieved. She wanted to sing and to
play no longer. She needed only rest and relaxation.
Someone knocked on the door softly, and she opened immediately. She was happy, because she saw
a handsome face of Steward John.
- Hello, John! - She called it genuinely pleased.
- Good afternoon, Miss Henderson. How do you feel on this trip?
- Great! I have really nice time and I have everything I need.
- I'm glad to hear that. I can not wait for the evening, so that I can see you on stage to hear your
song. - Do not worry, John, tonight I'll sing for you!
- Ms. Henderson, I have a message for you. In fact, you are invited to dinner with the captain. Sorry I
did not gave you invitation earlier, I called, but you were on rehearsal, and I did not want to disturb
you. This is a formal dinner.
- Thank you, John - Corin said and retired to her cabin.
Invitation to dinner at the captain was a great honor for each passenger, and Corin did not have a
slightest thought to reject it. She hurried to shower and choose a suitable dress. She decided for a
green silk dress. The dress was sleeveless and without any ornamentation. She was looking in the
mirror to determine how she looks when someone knocked on the door of her cabin. She was
convinced that Brison has come to talk to her about the program. She was wrong. Outside the door
stood Gerd Bain formally dressed in a dark suit and light, silk shirt. As usual, a smile hovered on his
lips, and his eyes shone with a warm, dark glow.
- Good evening. I've come to take you to dinner. Such a beautiful girl needs a special escort.
Corin was a little hesitant. She was convinced that Brison will come, and she knew he would be angry
if he finds out that she went to the dinner with Gerdom.
- What are you waiting for, beautiful? - Turning on her cheerfully. - I do not want you to come along
to dinner alone, and Mr. Hugh has just seen with a redheaded beauty.
- I do not believe you - Corin said quietly.
- I am telling you the truth, I think that does not bother us at all. Are you ready?
- Yeah, I will just put the necklace around my neck - Corin said, and went to the dressing table. Gerd
remained leaning against the doorjamb.
Corin put the necklace, but she could not fastened it. The buckle was tiny, and she was excited and
nervous. Her nervousness was exacerbated by the knowledge that Gerd intently follow her every
move. When she felt his warm hands on her neck, she trembled. Gerd quickly fastened the clasp on a
necklace, but his hands were still standing on her neck. She does not know why, but she turned
slowly and only then realized that their faces are very close. His warm breath burnt her face, and in
the eyes she did not dare to look. As she turned, she saw that they were very dark, shiny and from
them desire and the passion are breaking out.
Gerdove hands were not idle. They Slowly began to examining the curves of her neck, cheeks, chin.
Only when he stroked her hair, he smiled, and Corin relaxed. These first brief moments of intimacy
between her and Gerda were very exciting. Brison held her in the grip too, wild and passionately, but
in his arms her never felt that way.
She was afraid that they will be late for dinner. But in fact, she feared what might happen if Gerd still
wanted to hold her near. He smiled again and raised her chin with index finger and thumb and came
closer to her pretty face.
- I like your dress - he said almost whispering. - It seems to me that, thanks to that dress, your cold,
green eyes, shines sometimes.
Corin closed her eyes as if she did not want Gerd to see the sparkle in them. Immediately, she felt his
lips on hers. She trembled, but the she relaxed. That first kiss was so gentle, that Corin seemed that
the kiss caress the gentle breeze, which came at dawn from the sea. She did not move from that
position, because she wanted to touch Gerdov forever. She wondered if it was possible that such a
strong and confident man is so gentle, in the moments of passion and desire.
- Come on, nightingales - Gerd said since he separated from Korine. - The captain surely awaits us.
The two of them came last. All quests: Delia Winthrop, Terry Dalen and Brison stood near to their
chairs and waited for the captain appears to welcome him. Brison spoke to Terry, and in his hand, as
usual, he was holding a glass of drink. Corina knew that guests have specific schedule of sitting for
the table on such occasions, and she was convinced that her place will be near Brison. But she was
wrong. It was now clear that she is sitting between the captain and Gerda. Before the captain
arrived, Brison sent sharp and accusing look to Corin. She did not react to that. Even more, she was
glad becouse she knew that someone else on this board, except Brison, cares about her. It was not
nice of him that he did not appear in front of her cabin and offered her escort to dinner.

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