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- You know, honey - Brison began with very calm voice, emphasizing each word – we should discuss
some things. When I saw you enjoying yourself in the company of Bain and how he speaks to you like
you were his girlfriend, I thought I would faint. When I woke up, I wanted to approach him and to
slap him, but I counted to ten, and so, I somehow managed to calm down.
- Brison - Corina began to justify herself, because she knew exactly what he meant - I did not sign up
myself for participation in the tournament, it was Bain, and he did not ask me if I want to or not. I
wanted to quit, but I did not dare to disappoint Terry. She organized all, and she made schedule... I
can tell you that the tournament was very entertaining and dynamic. . .
- Well, well - Brison interrupted her impatiently. - Do not marvel such trivial things. I'm not mad at
you, but still, I have to explain some things. Bain's bad man and he is using you. You are young,
beautiful, popular, and, above all, naive. He needs such persons, as they are the easiest.
Corin remembered Delije and Gerda, but she did not want to say anything about them to Brison. She
wanted to let him say what he wanted to tell her to the end.
- Brison, I think I do not understand.
- Just listen to me, baby, and everything will be clear. I swear that never in my life I have met this
Gerda Bain. He claims that we know each other, and that means he have something against me, and
he wants to spite me. Until we know what it is, we have to be very careful. It seems to me that this
lady, the Winthrop Delia is associated with him. You should think about it. Do you believe that such a
man like Gerd Bain, is interested in you? No, no, my dear. Delia Winthrop is wife for him. She is
beautiful, experienced, confident, and rich. What would he like from a girl like you. It is enough for
you that he is a little careful with you, that he dance with you, that he kiss you several times. And
then what? Nothing! He will leave and enjoy your misery. Bain and the Winthrop wants to learn
something about me from you. That is quite clear, and because of that, once again I am warning you
to stay away from them. No, I'm not mad at you. I know that such a man you cannot resist easily and
that's why I wanted to warn you when it's not too late.
Corin was desperate. She thought that Brison is right. Gerd spent the whole morning with her, but,
when Delia appeared, he went to lunch with her. She felt miserable and cheated, and therefore tears
started from her eyes. Her throat tightened so that she was barely able to speak.
- Sorry, Brisson, please forgive. Now I see for myself and that I was wrong.
- Little gir, you're too young and inexperienced, and that means you have to learn a lot and gain a lot
of experience. You need to hold for me, just me and no one else. I keep telling you that we are right
for each other. Corin, baby, I like you a lot, really a lot! But, you look scared of me, huh? No, please
dont! Last night I was a little drunk and that is why everything went wrong. That is my natre, and
sometimes I do things without much thought, but ... I do not want to offend you. I already told you
that I like you a lot. ..
To prove his words, he embraced Korin and started kissing her wildly. She felt very uncomfortable,
but she could not find strenght to snatched herself from his grasp. She did not like Brisons kisses. Her
soul was feeling miserable and empty.
- Do not be sad - Brison said since he separated from her, and after he saw the tears in her eyes.
Everything can be fixed! Only, you have to stick to me and no one else. I'm the only one who you can
trust and a true friend. And now, how about we try our luck at a casino? You should try that?
- Brison - Corin began with broken voice - I'm very tired, and I'm not even in the best mood. I will stay
to watch the sea a little bit, and then I will retreat to my cabin.
- Whatever you want - he said, and shrugged. - I know that you now need to be alone and think
about all of this, but keep in mind always that you're my girl and that all you need to do is just to get
along with me.
When she was alone, Corin took a deep breath. She was cold, but she still had Brisonov jacket. The
moon was able to peer through the thick clouds for a moment and then he flashed a dark endless
ocean surface. When he disappeared, Corin thought that the ship moves through the vast and huge
dark mass of water from which it would be difficult to get out.
She felt so lonely just once in her life: it was the day when her father died. Brison's words finished
her. And she was so happy and cheerful during the tournament! Is it possible that the Bejnovo
behavior was so staged and hypocritical? Corin felt that she will never again beleve in someone and
... and that she had lost a good friend. Maybe Gerd was not in love with her, but he was her friend.
This, what Brison said that he liked her and that the two of them must be together, did not mean
much to her. In her heart there was no longer any room for warmth or true, honest feelings.
The next day, in the morning, Corin woke with pain in the heart and throughout the body. She still
had the feeling that she lost something big and pretty and that compensation for that loss will not be
Brisons compagnon.
She spent almost the entire day was with him. They were sunbathing and swimming, and in the
afternoon, as usual, they rehearsal for the evening program. Rehearsal did not last for long, because
their program should not take a long because of a masquerade ball.
Corin was very happy about incoming ball. For two days she pondered in her mind what she might
wear. She did not want anyone to say anything, because the participants had to keep their costume
in secret. The charm of the ball consisted in this facts. Today, however, she was not concerning much
about the ball. She knew that she had to appear at the ball, and it does not matter what she would
wear. She decided to go to in the dressing room and to take the first costume which comes to her
- What are you going to wear tonight for the ball? - Brison said after the program.
- I still have not decided.
- Corin, baby, what's the secret to the other, should not be secret for me. -I need to know what
you're going to wear, so that I can find you among so many masked people. I can not pick you up,
because I have a phone call at nine o'clock.
- Indeed, Brison, I do not know what I'll wear. I have not seen any costumes.
- I'll tell you what I'll wear. I'll be a gladiator! How about that? I will not be late for more than half an
hour and I wait for you near the entrance. OK?
- OK - Corin agreed with him without 2 particular enthusiasm.
- Oh, I almost forgot to tell you a good news. You heard that I mentioned a phone interview. It's my
manager, he calls me to tell me that he will try to find something where we could have show, and we
are located in Europe. It does not hurt for tha to be a popular place at sea. What do you say to that?
Corin, what is the matter with you? You have to be happy and cheerful.
- Do not worry, Brison, everything will be fine. I'll see you at the ball about half past nine.
Corin left her guitar in the cabin and she rushed to the dressing room to pick a costume for a
masquerade ball. She was not surprised when she saw a half-empty closet. Women looking for fun
and entertainment chose the appropriate costumes and masks, so Corin did not have a long and
tiring job. She delayed one hanger after another with garments harem beauty, fairytale heroines and
femme fatales. Some she really did not like, and some of it did not match her size. Finally, her gaze
stopped on a long, white dress richly decorated with imitation diamonds and emeralds. Dark haired..

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