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..that I wanted to be a singer and achieve some sort of career. I'll probably find someone to marry and
begin a peaceful life. Most of all I would like not to see Delia Winthrop to the end of this jurney so
that I can be nice and calm rest of the voyage.
- Well ... this, even Delia Winthrop is not on board - Terry began reluctantly, fearing that this
statement will excite Korine very much.
- Really? Excellent! But why are you so weird? - Corin asked and looked her friend straight in the eye,
and then as she realized on her, she said. - She went with Gerdom, right?
Terry just nodded, confirming her words.
Late in the afternoon, the ship sailed from Tunisia and went to Greece. Since Terry had a free day, all
the time she was with Korin. The girls are planning how to make the most of a short stay in Athens
and Rome.
Athens was so beautiful and interesting that two days passed very quickly. The girls were on the
Acropolis, Plaka and at the museum. To view the remains of an ancient. Greece and buying souvenirs
that will always remind them to this attractive voyage was a wonderful entertainmment.
When the ship arrived in Rome, Corin was sad. Arival to this city was the end of the cruise on the
Mediterranean. She remembered that Brison and Gerd will get back to the ship and that she will
have to meet with them. Only now she was clear that she did not want to meet with either of them.
Spending time with Terry was perfect, and she would be the happiest if it could be like that till they
return to home. In fact, she knew that Brison will get out of her head quickly, but not Gerda. Day and
night she thought of him and wanted to see him again. He was missing her very, very much . Worst of
all was that she knew he is with Delia Winthrop. That woman was so skilled that she still managed to
catch him in her net.
- Today we're a little moody - Terry said to her for breakfast. - I heard that the Italians are very nice
and aggressive lovemakers. I would not be sorry if they kidnap me a little bit.
- Oh, Terry, you're crazy! - Corin shoute and laughed.
Two days is not much time to visit Rome so the girls decided that the first day they will see Vatican
and Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Cathedral and other churches in the city. On the second day they were
at the Coliseum, the Spanish Square and finally in the famous Via Veneto. They had lunch in a small
restaurant, and then headed out to shopping. They were very tired, but now they were in Rome, and
perhaps never again they will be here.
- I could stay here for a few weeks - Terry said to Korin, when they returned to the ship in the
evening with hands full of packages. - We're still here one night. How to spend that night?
- Terry, I agreed to your every suggestion, but I would not want another disappointment like this with
opera, its so hard to find the tickets.
- I know, Corin, but what can we do? We had no luck. It is a great thing to hear Italian opera in Italy
and I even engaged the captain of the ship tu purchase me the tickets. We have to think of
something else.
- I think it would be best to get in a shower, to rest and then we can talk over dinner about how we
will spend this little time we have in Rome. In any case I am very grateful to you, you're working so
hard to get the tickets for the opera.
Corin has entered the room and threw packages on the bed. When she looked in the mirror, she
realized that she needs more than a shower and a short rest. She wanted to look very nice for this
evening in Rome. She already headed to the bathroom, when she saw a small, white envelope, which
was standing by the large bottle of perfume. She took and opened it cautiously. She was very
surprised when she read the note. She placed it on the table and rushed to the door. When she
opened the door, she saw Terry, who just turned around the corner of a hallway.
- Terry, come back! – She shouted excitedly.
When Terry came running, Corin hugged her and began happily explaining to her.
- We made it! Take a look!
And Terry was surprised when Corin told her what it is all about.
- FTW! Tickets for "Aida", how could this happen? Where'd you get that envelope? – Terry said, and
entered the room with Korin.
- Here - Corin said to her and pointed to the white envelope. - So, the captain was able to purchase
our tickets. Oh, Terry, I am so happy!
Her joy did not last for long, because only one card fell out from the envelope. - Oh, Terry, what does
this mean? Is this some kind of a mistake? Maybe I pulled out another card with a letter?
- Corin, I think it's not a mistake, and I'm not sad because of that. I wanted to tell you, but I just did
not want to spoil your mood, I would rather go to a nightclub. Just go to the opera and enjoy it, and
I'll have to find someone who would be happy to accompany me to a nightclub.
- Thank you, Terry. I think I will enjoy like never before in my life. Corin was overjoyed. All her life she
wanted to go to the Italian opera, and what happened to her now, it was like a realization of the
sweetest dream. Of course, she immediately decided not to go to dinner in order to have enough
time to get ready and arrive on time to the amphitheater in which was supposed to be performance
of Aida.
She was brushing the hair for so long until it shone like gold. Although there was still a lot of time to
the show, Corin called a taxi and, as she expected, she was the first visitor in the vast auditorium,
specially adapted for this purpose, in the old Roman bath.
Soon, the audience started to come. The night was bright, quiet and warm. Stars shone on the dark
sky, and Corin was anxious to hear the first chords of her favorite opera. In this beautiful and exciting
moments, she thought that she must be endlessly grateful to the captain of a ship, which enabled her
to experience something unusual and authentic like this.
It was completely dark, when the lights came on the stage. Overture began, and Corin entirely
committed to enjoyment. Seat beside her was empty and she turned discreetly, because she seemed
that a man, slightly bent to not disturb others, is coming right where she sat. But her attention was
drawn back to the stage where the curtain began to rise, and she turned toward the stage. The
scene, was so large and rich that Corin forgot about all what is happening around her. She no longer
cared whether the seat left from her was empty or someone, meanwhile, sat on it.
The music was quiet and magical, and Corin fully enjoyed in what was happening on stage. Then she
felt a strange uneasiness, like the one we feel when we are being watched, and we do not know who
is watching us, and even where it is. Corin discreetly shifted in her seat, because she realized that the
chair, on the left, is no longer empty, and that she is watched by exactly the same person who
arrived in the meantime. She had to look at who it is, because she even thought it could be a ship
captain. When her eyes met Gerdovim, her heart knocked strongly.
- Good evening, Nightingale - she was greeted by a hushed voice, and, as usual, he smiled warmly.
Corin did not dare to answer him, because she were afraid that the audience, who sat around them,
will react with indignation. She always hated, when somebody talks during a play or performance at
any stage. She was so excited and confused, that she could not concentrate on the music, and what
was happening on stage. How did Gerd come here? Any coincidence was completely excluded. Also,
it was clear that the ticket for this opera is not purchased by the captain of the boat, but Gerd. Once
the two of them talked about music on the board, and she said she loves opera, mostly Italian, and
she would like to hear "Aida." But why he took her to the theater? Where was Delia?
None of Corin could not understand, and that is why he decided to focus all her attention on the
divine play, which took place in front of her.

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