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- What do you need that drink for? - He asked gently, and took the cup from her other hand. Corin
now realized how ridiculous she was. In one hand she held a glass of martini and in the other glass of
water. - I guess you do not drink. Am I right?
- Yes. . . yes - Corin began to stutter. - This drink has such a strong flavor. Must be the mistake of a

- Really? I think that is mistake of the one that offered the drink.
- What did you mean by that?
- Nothing - Gerd replied nonchalantly to her. - Would you like to dance?
Gerd did not wait for an answer. He grabbed her hand and after a few moments she found herself in
his arms. The music was quiet and nice, but he kept a very respectful distance.
- I did not like your performance tonight - Gerd began without preamble. - To be honest, I liked just
the last song.
- Thank you for your honesty - Corin said with great bitterness in her voice. - I wanted to be honest,
but not rude. In fact, my complaint is not a criticism but a compliment. Up to the last point I did not
hear your voice. Your partner, Hugh Brison if I'm not mistaken, wants at all costs to overshadow you.
- Yes, his name is Hugh Brison - Corin said angrily.
- When I first met him, that was not his name. - You ... you know Brison?
- Well, something like that.
- He's an artist and he had to change his name.
- I'm not sure that's the only reason.
- I do not understand you. Hugh Brison is a very talented and popular. What do you have against
- I have nothing against him, but I am against the fact that such a young, beautiful and inexperienced
girl been used as decoration in his performances. The song "Looking for you" is a very beautiful and
fits you completely. Ms. Henderson, you have a very nice voice.
- Thank you, Mr. Bain - Corin said, and suddenly flushed. She tried to convince herself that she did
not care much about his opinion, but it was difficult.
- You know what - he began with cheerful voice, and gently draw her to himself - I would suggest
something to you. I'll call you Corin, if you agree to call me Gerd. Do you agree with me?
- Agreed - Corin replys after a short reflection.
Gerd strongly attracted her to himself again, and she just sighed. He was beautiful and powerful, and
danced brilliantly that Corin seemed as if someone taken her to the clouds. When she thought that
Gerd was observing her, she blushed. And she was sure that he was observing her from time to time.
Never in her life she did not feel such closenes to a man. She was excited and calm at the same time.
Gerd's safe hands led her, and she was pleased to be in this strange, strange world.
The magic stopped when the slow rhythm of music seamlessly transferred into a loud and boisterous
one. Couples around them began to revolve in a frantic pace, and Gerd stopped.
- Will you go out for a little air? - he asked Corin loudly, because she could hear him otherwise.
Corin suddenly jumped. She looked the entire room, hoping to see Brison somewhere. He was still
there, but on the other end, and he danced with, who knows, what girl now. - You must ask for
permission? - Gerd asked ironicaly. - From what I can see, he do not care much for you. Here we go -
Gerd said and gently pushed Corin through the door.
Outside was quiet and warm. The night was bathed in moonlight, and the lights from the ship were
reflected in the dark water. Corin seemed that the boat moves along the long and soft velvet tray.

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