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- But I've already aranged the tour with Terry.
- As you wish! If you prefer to be stubborn and act like a child, so be it! But you and I both know you
are not telling the truth, tour with Terry is not what you REALLY want.
- You are a terrific psychologist! - Corin exclaimed angrily. She had to, or else she would cry. - Why
are you not analyzing Delia? And you know that she wants that with all my heart.
Gerd caught Korine for both arms so roughly that she got scared. She never saw him so fierce and
- You are refering to Delia Winthrop too often - he began with a quiet but menacing voice. - By this
time I have never thought of that. but if you insist, I will go to look for her now.
After these words, he suddenly turned and disappeared into the crowd of passengers, who wanted
to go from the ship as soon as possible. Corine was caught up in despair. She stiffened by some
unpleasant feeling, when she saw Gerd again. He was no longer angry.
- How much Nightingale? - He asked quietly. - How much time you need to realize certain things?
From the first day in Spain, Corin and Terry got back to the ship late at night. They were tired but
happy. Their hands were full of packages and they immediately planed for tomorrow. They failed to
see even half of what they wanted and planned.
In the afternoon of the second day they were so tired, that they had to sit in a café, to rest the feet
and to have a coffee. Corin was very happy with Terry compagnion. It turns out that she's very cute,
full of energy, a great organizer and a true friend.
- Corin, look there, in the corner - her friend Terry said quietly turning to her, over sips of coffee. -
See that guy?
- Where to look? Which guy should I see?
- No, it does not matter - Terry and said quietly and cleared her throat. - Maybe he is already gone.
- Terry, what are you talking about? - Corin said, and felt that something unpleasant is happening.
She lifted her head discreetly and looked at one corner. She thought she saw someone she knows.
She sighed deeply and hung his head.
At the table in the corner, near the window, was sitting Delia and Gerd. They were talking something
very lively, and she touched his hand every now and then.
Corin felt her blood is going to her head. Gerd was turned with his back faceing her, but she noted
that he was elegant and his bright dark brown pants and shirt fit perfectly.
- I'm so stupid - said Terry, being angry at herself. - I should not show them to you. I just made u sad
and nothing more.
- Terry, what's wrong with you? What makes you think I'm sad, because I saw Mr. Bain and one
- Corina, do not be a child. I think the two of us are good friends that we can share the good and the
bad. You know it is better to confide in someone.
- My dear, I know you want to help me, but I think there is no need for that. Why are we talking
about Mr. Bain and why ...
- Because you're in love with Gerda Bain. Am I right?
Corin looked down, then immediately back her look up and then started resisting. - I'm not! Why
would I be in love with Gerda Bain. I can not deny that I've fell to his charms, like many other women,
but it's nothing serious. Terry, what we have planned next? Shall we go to the museum?
Terry was very fair and kind to Corin. She did not insist on talk about Gerdu. The rest of the afternoon
they spent looking around, and they came to boat for dinner.
- Can I join you? – They heard a question and raised their heads. On the end of the table stood John
and smiled at them. – Today I am free of duty, and I'd like to finish this day in the company of the
two pretty girls.
Girls enthusiastically invited him to sit at their table, and a cheerful and lively conversation began
- Tomorrow we will arrive in Tunisia - John began between bites. - It will be very live and noisy.
Almost the whole town will come out to greet the ship. You'll be amazed when you see the colorful,
cheerful crowd who will wave to the people on the ship, shouting and greeting visitors. You need to
watch out for thieves and pocket snatchers. They can not wait that you give them one opportunity.
I'm so sorry that I have duty tomorrow and I have to stay on board.
- Me too - Terry added and looked to Korine. - Will you go alone in tour?
- I will not ... In fact, I've already made a plan, how will I spend a day tomorrow.
After dinner, the girls went out to walk around the deck.
- Corin, I know that you know how to take care of themselves - Terry began very cautiously - but I still
consider that you should not go to the city alone tomorrow.
- I know, but I can not stay at boat. I will not move away from the group and well I will guard my
- How would you like that I ask someone from the crew to replace me?
It's not an option. Then we will not be together in Athens and Rome. I promise you that I will watch
out for myself. I'll be back to the ship for lunch, so you'll be able to see that all is well.
- If so, then I do not mind. Still ...
- I know - Corin interrupted her and laughed out loud. – I need to watch out?
Immediately after breakfast, Corina drove with a taxi into the city center. It was a very cheerful and
noisy, because they were celebrating the birthday of someone statesman. Corin was not indifferent
to the fact that she was alone, but she was relieved when she thought of coming back to the boat,
with a taxi. In this way it was impossible for her to get lost in this town. She did not really feel
comfortable, when she feel that the men with turbans are watching curiously, but she decided to
behave calmly and coolly.
- What are you doing here all alone? - She heard the familiar voice and she jumped.
- I am touring the Tunisia - Corin replyed coldly because she saw Gerda. - Well, what do you do?
- How did you dare to go alone? All the passengers on board were told that the city is haveing
celebration , and that we should be very careful.
- Thank you, you are so concerned about me - she said ironically and half turned her back to him. - I
think I saw what I wanted. I would appreciate if you would call me a taxi. It's time to get back to the
ship. Terry will be worried that I'm gone.
- Corin, why are you so stubborn? There are so many things to see in this city, and my invitation from
yesterday is true. I was in Tunisia and I might be able to be a good guide.
Corin was unable to resist her feelings. Gerdovo presence was, as usual, excited, and she wanted to
give him a hand and go with him. Yet something kept her from doing that. Slowly, she turned first to
one and then to the other side to convince herself that Delia is not with Gerdom.
- Nightingale, she's not here - he said and he smiled to naive Corina.
- I have no idea what you're talking about - Corin said, bewildered. - I am turning around to see a taxi.
- If so, one is coming. You have not much time to decide. You can continue sightseeing in my
company, or, if you prefer, you can spend the day on the boat. Then?
Corin had nothing to think about. She wanted to go with Gerdom, and because the fact that Delia
was not with him. He knew that fact even before he makes her to choose between him or the boat.
- We will go to the U.S. Embassy - Gerd said authoritatively and without waiting for an answer from
Korin. - Soon the parade will start, so we will have a great view from the terrace.
He took Corine's hand and led her through the happy crowd.
- On what basis do you believe that I've decided to go with you? - She asked, although she was not....

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