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- Good morning, Miss Henderson - hello John. Bal lasted until dawn, so I bet you did not manage to
sleep mouch!
- You're right, John - Corin said, and began to open the containers in which there was breakfast. - Ah,
that smells great! Thank you very much, for bringing me the breakfast. It will fully restore me to life.
Tea and orange juice, boiled eggs, cold boiled ham, toast and fresh compote, was just what Corin
- Anything else, Miss - John asked obligingly.
- Oh, John, I need nothing more. I will be in the cabin till the rehearsals.
- If so, I wish you a pleasant meal and goodbye - John said, and silently disappeared from the cabin.
After a few moments, there was a knock again.
- Come in, John, did you forget something?
- What John! – Brison shouted, enter the cabin and collapsed in the first chair. - I did not even know
this guy is your stewards too. Oh, they're all really funny, and have such hungover. Orange Juice! It's
great! That's just what I need - Brison said and he took up the cup with juice and drained it to the
Corin was surprised. Brison was smiling as if he had not intended to mention last night. In fact, they
could not find and recognize each other.
- Honey - Brison began after he take a sip of tea - last night was a mess. I'll explain everything. I told
Terry to leave the gladiator costume, but when I went into the dressing room, it was not there. I
barely managed to get inside the costume of a bear.
- Bear? Well, are you kidding me! If you were the only bear on the ball, then the two of us danced at
the beginning of the ball.
- Terry told me that all the costumes are unique.
- Then the two of us danced, and did not even know. I was Cleopatra.
- Cleopatra? Now you kidding me. I never would noticed that’s way you. I have to admit, I was
looking for Cleopatra entire evening, but I could not find her.
- There was so many people - Corin began to apologize, but Brison waves with his hand.
- Oh, no problem! It is important that we both had fun. I conducted a telephone interview only at
eleven. But it was worth of the wait. My agent has done the best job.
Corin immediately became clear why Brison was in such a good mood.
In any case, she was grateful to his agent, because otherwise she would have to argue with him
about last night's misunderstanding.
- Honey, you should start to eat - Brison said, and pushed the tray in front of Korin. - You have
breakfast, and I'll talk. Do you remember that I mentioned the show in Europe? Well, I can tell you
that I have a show in a nightclub in Paris for three nights.
- When? - Corin said between bites.
- Everything has already been agreed. We will arrive in Barcelona. From there I will fly to Paris, to sing
for three nights and then I meet with you in Rome. You know that cruise program involves
sightseeing Barcelona and Rome in that period of time, and I am not interested in that.
- Great! - Corin shouted sincerely pleased. However, she thought that she and Brison will be together
this voyage all the time, and he just took care of himselfe. But, a! Brison was a star, and it was normal
everyone scrambled for his performances.
- Honey - he began to read her thoughts - I'm sorry that I will, leave for some time, but what can I do!
I realize that I cannot miss this opportunity.
- Of course, Brison, but it will be very difficult without you.
- I know, but I've got something else to tell you. Unusual work is smiling to me. It seems that this
work is a movie. By all accounts, I should play a major role, but my manager still don’t want to make
a final statement. Film, baby, movie! Do you know what it means to me! And how much money I will
- Well, it's like a fairy tale - Corin whispered. She does not envy him, but she was sorry that she was
not involved in the combination.
- Not bad, not bad – Brison continued and began to rub his hands. - As far as I know, the film
company agreed that I play the lead role and I just need to find a financier. It should be one large
- Which Bank?
- I do not know. I am never interested in the details. Others care about them. My manager is well
paid, so let him do its job properly.
- How can you be sure of that movie?
- Soon. When I get back from Paris, I will talk again with America. Baby, are you all right? You look
tired and you have dark circles around the eyes.
- I did not manage to sleep a lot and that's all - Corin said, and she takes a cup of tea to the mouth, to
avoid a long explanation, but, Brison was persistent.
- You do look bad. It seems to me that it's not just sleep. It would be best to get a good rest today.
We will not even have rehearsals today, because we are perfect in all songs of the repertoire. You
need relaxation, and so go to the cinema or just go to sleep, I'll see you before the show. I got lucky
in the casino, so I'm going to see if I still have this luck.
Corin was delighted to hear that today there will be no rehearsal. As soon as Brison went, she ended
the breakfast and immediately went back to bed. She read the newspaper first, and then a book, and
when her eyes began to close, she pulled the curtains on the window, determined to go to sleep. But,
in spite of fatigue, she could not sleep. She needed solitude, and it was very boring for her to be
alone. She considered of obeying to Brisons idea of the cinema, but she knew she would not be able
to concentrate on the movie. In fact, today program included several short films, and that was much
less convenient.
Suddenly, she remembered what would help her to relax and shut out everything. She quickly get out
of the bed, took off her nightgown and put on a thick sweater and pants. The weather was bad and
cold, and she felt that she needed air and space. She picked up the guitar and went on deck. The
deck was quiet and deserted. In this weather, the passengers were either in their cabins or in the
social halls.
Corin decided to go to the upper deck. It was the smallest, and there it was also the slightest
possibility that she will meet someone. She was delighted when she saw a table in the corner, above
which was a colorful umbrella. The table was well protected from wind and rain. She did not care
about anything, because she just wanted to be alone. Fresh air felt good, and the open sea calmed
Corin took a deep breath of sharp, salty air and she began to pluck at strings of the beloved
instrument. She played nothing special. Sounds coming from the guitars were just improvised
melody, which she came with in her mind. In fact, the music she was playing was a reflection of her
mood. She thought about everything, and she did not know if she is sad or not, whether she prefer
this loneliness, or she wish a real company.

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