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- I do not even know what to do - Corin said with a laugh.
- Start with saunas - Terry expertly began to explain. - Sauna is for relaxing, and then comes the
massage. It improves blood circulation. After that, begins the treatment with a hot Jacuzzi. You have
no idea how this is miraculous. You will be light as a feather, elastic like rubber!
- How am I going to play tonight?
- Better than ever - Terry replied cheerfully. - Then, let's introduce you to Anet.
Terry dragged Corin to the door with massage sign on it, and soon introduced her to big, middleaged
- Aneta, this is Corina Henderson, our beautiful and talented singer. I would like her to be treated
with special care and attention.
- Of course, Terry - Aneta said and wiped her hands.
- Corin, I will leave you to Anet. See you later.
- Glad to meet you, Miss Henderson - Aneta turned to Corin. - Are you ready?
- Please, call me Corin. Shall we start with a sauna? I do not know, but, Terry said that is first step.
- She was right.
Corin has stayed in the sauna a few minutes, then Aneta helped her to climb on the massage table.
- It is necessary to relax completely - Aneta began explaining to her professionaly. - If you felt any
pain somewhere, while I am massaging you, just tell me.
The massage was very pleasant, and Corina felt that every bit of her body comes alive. Annette's
hands were strong but gentle, and she carried out her work very professionally. She thought she
heard the phone, and immediately after, the door opened and she heard an unknown voice.
- Sorry, Aneta, but you have a phone call.
- Who is it?
- It’s your daughter. It seems it is important.
- Okay, I'll come. Corin, I'm sorry, but I think I must leave you for a moment.
- Go if you must, Aneta. Is your daughter on board?
- Yes. I took her so that she can see and learn something. One can learn more on the journey than
from books. I'll be back.
Corin felt great. She was so pleasantly relaxed and rested, she seemed that she will fall to sleep, until
Aneta returns. Just the voices that could be heard from the neighboring separes, kept her wake.
When everything was quite, she heard steps in the next cabin. She did not even realize that next to
recreational center there are cabins with a passengers. She thought that they were not comfortable,
because they always listen to the voices of customers with Annette and other beauty professionals.
Then she heard a woman's voice. She thought she knew the voice, and she was right.
- Well, now we're alone and you can tell me everything - she heard Delia Winthrop.
She slowly raise on the table and she removed a towel from her head to free her ears so that she can
better hear who is with Delia. She heard the warm voice of Gerda Bain.
- I do not have much to say. Delia. I phoned my father and told him not to accept the offer. - I hope
that any moment he will contact me to say what he decided.
- As far as I know, without the help of your bank, this movie will completely collapse.
- Should I take that as an objection?
- Oh, dear, do not be ridiculous. That is exactly what we want. In this case, Hugh Brison's career
would be over.
- I still do not know how it will all end up, but I am asking you that you be quiet about it. Corin
Henderson must not know anything. That's the most important thing.
- Of course, dear, I've already promised, am I not? You know that I am a very patient woman. We will
work until I found out what I want to know.
- I hope, Delia, you'll succeed.
Corin is again heard the voices of women who were in the salon, and then it was quiet. She was lying
on a massage table and shaking like a leaf. She thought about what she had heard, and concluded
that Brison was totally right. Now she had evidence that Gerd and Delia wanted to destroy his career.
The worst thing of all was that Gerd said that Corin, must not know anything. So it was not love, but
only desire to learn something from her that Delia needs to destroy Brisonovu career.
Never in her life she did not feel so miserable and cheated. Gerd and Delia was certainly laughing
behind her back, how naive and gullible she is. How could she afford to fall into their trap. She had no
right to blame herself, because for ther it was true love. She truly fell in love with Gerda Bain,
because she could not resist his charms: beauty, tenderness and attention.
Once again, she shuddered at the thought of what kind of stupid situation she was in, and then
quickly got off the table.
- Oh, Corin, sorry - shouted Aneta who came that moment. - Go back to the table to continue your
- Aneta, do not worry, everything is all right. But I think I am finished with relaxation. I'm late ... In
fact, I have rehearsal. Aneta, you are great and I will come again, as soon as I have time.
Corin said in one breath and ran away from the salon as if someone was forceing her. She stormed
into her cabin, threw herself on the bed and began to cry inconsolably. When she finally calmed
down, it was night already. She could not eat, so she only ordered a tea.
Brison and she have had a program of the evening in the bar. The light was dim and there was a light
show so the audience could not have noticed the dark circles under her eyes and her eyes iteself red
from tears. She sang without any desire and will, and she could not wait that Brison starts his
program and to sing a solo songs. Once the program was completed, Corin rushed to the dressing
room to take off her make-up and change her clothes. She met with Brisohom at the door.
- Hey, baby, why such a rush? Is it possible that you have already changed your clothes? Really,
where are you going?
- In my cabin. Tonight I am extremely tired. I'm sorry if something was wrong with the program.
- Baby, what's wrong with you? You look really bad! Are you sick? Should I call the doctor?
- No, there is no need, Brison. Last night I did not sleep enough. I need eight or nine hours of sleep.
Tomorrow everything will be all right.
- I've noticed that is something wrong with you, but that does not matter. I mean, do not be upset.
You always look great, so it does not matter how you sing. If you need help, just let me know. I stand
at your disposal, day or night.
- I know, Brison, and thank you - Corin said in a weak voice. - But I do not really need anything.
- Good. Go and try to sleep. I am sorry because of that, since I had planned a wonderful evening.
- Another time, Brison.
Corin decided that she will not say anything to Brison about a conversation she heard between Delije
and the Gerda. She knew how he would react. He would be very angry and he might even try to deal
with them both. And besides, Brison was so happy and he was hoping to become a movie star. She
decided that she will say everything, just after he returns from the Paris.
- Well, good night, dear - Brison said, hugged her and kissed her passionately. - I will go to the casino.

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