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She leaned against the fence and thought of Brison. She firmly believed that the love flare between
her and Brison will start on this cruise. She secretly hoped to that while they were in New York, that
the romance that accompanies each cruise, will make it’s magic. Brison has failed at the first step.
Like sixteen years old boy, he went to the first girl more beautiful and younger than her.
- Small Nightingale is something thoughtful - a voice from Gerd startled her from her thoughts. - This
night was made for thinking. We are in the middle of a huge ocean, so the rest of the world does not
know we exist.
Corin was staring in disbelief at Gerd. So far her father was the only man with whom she could share
thoughts in this way. In fact, Gerd was calm and sure of himself and because of that excited her.
Every word he said was in place, and with no superfluous. Corin shivered. She did not know whether
becouse of the fresh breeze or excitement.
- No wonder you tremble - Gerd easily noticed. - So you're dressed so lightly. - And then happened
something that Corin, beginner singer, nobody in this world could never even dream of. Gerd took
off his white jacket and quietly pass it over her shoulder.
- Again, you are so honest and simple, Mr. Bain - Corin said and even better wrapped herself in his
huge jacket.
- Little girl – he address her warmaly, then took her by the chin and lifted her face to his. - I do not
like your costume, and you don’t like it as well. It's not your style. You are better suited for that
summer dress you where in today, in the afternoon, walking around the deck.
Corina looked at him straight in the eye. This man was trying to find out everything about her, and it
he was very successful.
- Mister, great singing star – Gerd continued - tryes to interfere in everything. He choose the clothes,
Corin has failed to respond, because she heard cheerful woman's voice, and then a familiar laugh.
- Brison, dear, I told that they sneaked out of the room and that they must be there somewhere here.
Here they are! What are you doing here, and alone in the dark?
It was the voice of that beauty, that in the afternoon was in the company with Gerdom. With one
hand she held Brison waist, and the other was holding a silk scarf, which she casually draped across
his shoulders.
- Oh, Delia! Are you already tired from the ball? - Gerd asked instead of responding to her question. -
This is Delia Winthrop - He began introducing girls - and this is a talented Miss Corin Henderson.
Tonight we had the privilege to hear her for the first time with Mr. Hjuorn.
Corin and I Delia have turned at the mention Brisovog name, and amazingly found that he simply
disappeared from the deck.
- He must have been kidnapped by some beauty - Delia said cheerfully. - Gerde, I think I'll drag you at
this moment in the hall, to play at least one dance with a good partner. I am looking for you the
entire evening.
- Later, Delia. Ms. Henderson and I took a walk to the air in order to get out from the crowd.
- Oh, dear, do not be ridiculous! - Delia was insistent.
- You've imagined how this jurney should look like, you're organized the cruise. Come and enjoy your
work! Corin must be tired after such a strenuous and exhausting evening program. Really, Gerde,
why you do not let her rest?
Gerd did not immediately respond to Delia, Corina knew that he was in an unpleasant situation.
Therefore, she decided to help him. - Gerde - the first time she called him by his first name - Delia is
absolutely right. For me it would be the best to withdraw as soon as possible in my cabin.
- If so – he began gently and touched Korininu hand - then I wish good night to Nightingale.
Only when she was in her cabin, Corin realized that she really wanted to be alone. For one, for only
one day it was too much effort and excitement. And disappointment. Brison dismissed immediately
her right after completing the program. He took another girl in his arms, when she needed him the
most. However, as soon as she sat down in front of the mirror and started to take off makeup Gerdov
character appeared before her eyes. He was the one who was with her in the moments of confusion
and uncertainty after their first performance, the one who extended his hand first. However, she did
not understand why he did it. He was rich and beautiful, loved and wanted by all the women who
knew him. Why such interest in her, a young and inexperienced singer and more inexperienced
She was just getting ready to go to the bathroom, when she heard a knock on the door.
- Who is it? - She asked, uncertainly and went towards the door. She had no courage to open them
until she know who is in front of them.
- I - Corin heard Brisonov well-known voice.
- Wait a minute!
Corin was very surprised. She awkwardly smoothed the tousled hair and wiped off cream that she
has just been smeared on a her face. Again she heard knock at the door.
- Brison - Corina began, as she opened the door - I'm so glad you came. Where did you went?
Suddenly you're gone overboard.
- I wanted to ask you the same question - he said sharply. - That's why I'm here. Did we not agree
that we must get together with people who love us and who pay our shows? There were boys who
would be very happy to dance with you.
- Brison - Corin began with icy voice - I'm paid to sing on this board, and to entertain the audience
that way only. All other contacts are excluded.
- Corin, baby - Brison began with softer voice, but it was clear that it was perfectly controlled - you
still do not fully understand the nature of our work. You have to be constantly with the audience. Life
on the stage and off are almost the same. If you want to be a star, then you have to start acting like a
She does not know why, but, Corin felt a strange fear. Does she wants to be a star? She really
fantasized about life in the spotlight, a life that could never be just her? The fact she came to the
ship, she went on the path of a future star. Why, then, she has accepted the Brisonov business
- Sorry, Brison - she began with falTerryng voice - I have little dancing.
- I do not claim otherwise. You just danced with one man, and after a few moments you went with
him on deck.
- That is something wrong? We went on the air, and that was it. The music was too loud, and that is
reason why we went.
- Who is that man? - Brison said so imperative, and took a pose, as when a parent hears a child that
did something wrong.
Corina looked at him in surprise. Is it possible that he was jealous? Just from thinking to that, her
heart jumps in joy. So she meant something to Brison.
- I met him, after I had boarded the ship. Leader of the voyage told me that he was the creator of this
cruise, funded by his bank.
- Does this mean that this is his ship? - Brison said genuinely surprised, almost stunned.

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