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wanted to tell him that he must keep an eye on the figure. However, She gave up from that
intention, thinking that he might get angry.
- Do you want to go to the sun? - Brison asked lazily and pushed the plate away.
- I do, but I want to asked you something first. Immediately after lunch, the first lesson for beginners
in water skiing is starting. I'd love to try! It will not last long, so I think we will have plenty of time for
sunbathing, swimming and rehearsal.
- You know what, honey, I need a vacation. All these activities, which are planned by Terry Dalen,
refer to the other passengers, not to us. I'm not a tourist on this board. As I work, I need a vacation.
At this point I just want swiming and sunbathing.
Corin was disappointed, but he relented. She went to the pool with Brison. He insisted on the most
minimal bikini, and she did this, despite all the discomfort she felt. But as soon as she got to the pool,
she immediately jumped into water determined to swim until she gets tired, so that other people on
the pool can not have watch her.
She swam so for about half an hour, and when she came out of the water, she concluded, with
regret, that Brison is sleeping soundly in a comfortable deck chair which was located on the edge of
the pool. Corin had nothing left to do than to sit next to him and to read the book. Just when the
story became interesting, a shadow loomed over her, and she raised her head to see what was going
One nice girl obscured the sun, and smiled artificially.
- Hello - Corin greeted her politely.
- Good afternoon, Miss Henderson. I am Delia Winthrop. You may remember me. We met last night.
I'm a reporter, so I was wondering if you could spare a few moments for me. It's a short interview ...
Corin looked at the pretty girl with interest. By now she had a few interviews, but only with Brison,
never alone. Is it possible that this girl was really a newspaper reporter? Of course she remembered
her. She went out last night with Brison on a deck to look for her and Gerda,
- Well, I do not mind - said Corin and smiled to Delia. The fact that someone is interested in her,
alone, and not as Brisons date, was very pleasant thought.
- Thank you - Delia said. - I think it would be the best that we go back in the shade, sit at the table
and drink something cold. In this way, we will not bother Brison. He is indeed a great clinomaniac
(the person who loves to sleep a lot).
After they sat to the table, and after the waiter brought the drinks, Delia took the book and began to
ask questions to Corina.
- If you do not mind, I'll call you Corina - she said simply, and took a sip of iced drink. - Oh, that feels
so good! Corina, tell me, how long you know Brison Hugh?
- Two months - Corin replied and put a large brimmed hat on the forehead, that shielded her from
the sun.
- That's all?
- Yes. Before I met him, I sang in a cafe. No one even knew I existed in this world.
- Yeah - Delia muttered and looked over the fence into the sea. – Did Brison spoke out about his
Corin shivered. This interview had a lot more to do with Brison, but with her, unknown singer, Corine
Henderson. Delia needed some information, and she thought she would get them from her. Brison
liked writeing about him. He always spoke that it was important that the world reads about him, that
his name is pronounced. The writing should awaken curiosity in the audience, and that meant writing
both good and bad news. Why, then, Delia did not make interview with him? Apparently, they knew
each other very well.
She felt that Delia looks questioningly. She coughed, because she knew she must answer something
to this question.
- In fact, I do not know much about Brisons past. Several times he mentioned San Francisco, the city
where he grew up. I'm not sure if his parents are still alive. If you want to print that, just check that
information before! I'm not sure in what I told you, right.
- Good. However, are sure that he grew up in San Francisco, that he mentioned that city? - I'm sure
he was talking about the that city, and if he grew up in it, I've already said, you should check.
- Mr. Hugh said to you how many years he have?
- Twenty-nine.
- My dear – said Delia and began to friendly pat Korine on the arm - do not be mad at me. You know
that journalists are very curious. You're constantly with the Brison, so I thought that you know more
about him.
- Why would I know anything more about him? - Corin said angrily, exasperated with Delijinim
insistence on Brisonovom personal life. - Our relationship is purely professional.
- An ordinary observer would not say that - Delia noticed quite ironic. - You are always together. Are
you sure that is not something more serious?
- The nature of our business is such that we must be together. We have a rehearsals, we talk, take
photos, give interviews. After all, it's nice that people socialize in such a way, is it not?
- Corina, my dear, I would like to ask you just one question. Does the name Hamilton mean anything
to you?
- Hamilton? No, it does not mean anything to me. A friend of mine, in Indiana, had such last name,
but it is hard to remember. We went to elementary school.
- i did not mean it like that. This name could be related to Brison.
- I never heard him mention this name. Why do you ask?
- Oh, do not fret, it has nothing to do with you. And, here comes Brison! - Delia allegedly shouted
happily, because she saw him approaching.
- Hello, Delia – Brison said. - I see the notebook in front of you, so, again, you are trying to be a
journalist. If you want, I will give you some of my time. - My dear Brison, I do not play journalist. And,
about your time, it would be nice if we use it for private purposes, in any case not for business. I
found what I wanted from Korine, so I have no intention of disturbing her or you anymore. Corina, I
am very grateful for the conversation we had. Can I count on you if I need something else?
- Sure - Corin kindly respond. - I was very comfortable with you.
- They follow me everywhere - Brison said disdainfully, when they were alone. - She works for what
newspapers? I know her very shortly. We met here on the board, and she shown a great interest in
me from the begining.
- To tell you the truth, I do not know. I was supposed to ask her. After all, is it even important? Since
she did not found out a lot from me ...
- What do you think? Why? - Interrupted Brison.
- Her questions were short and quite funny. She was interested in your past so I could not say
something in particular to her. But, you were born in San Francisco?
- No. I was born in Colorado Springs and we moved in San Francisco later. Why did you not sent her
to me when she wanted to hear something about my past? I wonder what she wants to write about.
- I just said that to her, but she said that she prefers to hear that information from other person. And,
she asked if the name Hamilton means something to me. Do you know what she was saying?
Brison frowned. His gaze was so bad, that Corin was truly scared. Until now she had never seen him
like that. He called the waiter and ordered a double whiskey.
- Corina - he began quietly, as he sipped a good sip of light brown liquid - the name means nothing to me.

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