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Corin took a deep breath. Brison meant nothing to her, but he still somehow helped her career. If
nothing else, he brought her on the ship giving her the opportunity to sing, travel, meet new people
and to see new places. When she looked up, she tried to smile.
- Brison, do not worry about me. Everything will be okay. I will not be bored, because Terry and I
agreed to go together to tour cities in which we dock.
- I will try to be good in Paris. If I'm lucky ...
- Luck has nothing to do with your success – Corin interrupt him. - You're a good singer, and all
America knows that.
- Well, maybe you're right - Brison began, but he was interrupted by Corin again.
- Do you want to party?
- My dear, I've had enough of the fun and festivities. I'll go to a bar, and then to casino. Are you going
to wish me good luck?
Corin remembered Gerda and Delije. The two were plotting against Brison, wanted to destroy his
career. Corin felt she owes Brison for what he did to her, and she decided to tell him everything
when he returns from Paris, that his career is not really pink. She wanted to change something, but
that was not in her power. She could not persuade Gerda that his bank accept financing film in which
Brison played the lead role. She almost felt sorry for Brison and that why she decided to go to the
casino with him tonight. She did not like that place, but she seemed that Brison needs her.
As soon as they entered the casino, Brison approached the bar and oredered the drinks for himself
and Corine. She wanted to tell him that she would rather take fruit juice, but she gave up of that
intention because she was afraid that Brison will be angry.
A room was full of different gambling machines in which they were throwing chips to start the
devices. Brison has bought a lot of chips and he gave half to Corina.
- Come on, baby, let me see will you be lucky!
Corina began to throw chips and to move handles on equipment. In fact, it all was great fun and she
did not care of about winning or losing. Everyone was aware that these machines were set up to take
a lot more money than they give.
- Brison, I won! - Corina shouted enthusiastically, when one-handed Jack, with his iron fist, gave her a
few coins. - How are you doing?
- Not good - Brison replied grimly. – There is no need to be happy now. If you won, play on!
- Why? - Corin asked naively. - I would really like to keep this coins as a souvenir on a night when I
went in the casino.
- Nonsense! - Brison muttered and continued to play. He played with such fervor that he forgot
everything around him, even on Corina. She started to be bored. Gambling was not her passion, and
she regretted that she came here with Brison. It would be much better and more fun on the fiesta
party. At least she would dance and talk with people.
- Brison, I'm bored and tired – she dared to notice. - I'd like to go out for a walk.
- Girl! - He shouted and took her roughly by the arm. Corin did not expect such a reaction. - You can
not move. Do you hear what I'm saying? Now I started to win, and you are doing something! I did not
see such luck for years!
When he began to lose, he almost freaked out. He ran from one machine to another, shouting, and
grabbing his head.
A bunch of chips, which stood in front of him, suddenly started to vanish. Corin realized that he is not
noticing her, so she slipped out from the casino.
She leaned against the ship's fence and she took a deep breath of a fresh, night air. Now she was
much better. She stood there all alone and listened to the waves, which were gently lapping the ship.
That sounded relaxing to her, she looked for something to sooth her tense nerves. She could not
think of anything else but Brison. What a weird man he was! Everything he did, he did with an
unusual passion, roughly. His kisses and hugs were rough and possessive, and now this passion for
gambling. She heard that this was very dangerous condition and that such people are able to
anything. Less and less she wanted to hook up with Brison permanently. If permanent relationship is
even possible with such a man.
The next day, in the morning, she and Brison had breakfast together. He was so cheerful and friendly,
that Corin thought she was too harsh with her judgement about him last night. She was having
breakfast early in the morning, because she wanted to watch the docking of the ship in Barcelona.
- How strange! - Brison said and he began to eat very fast. - I did not know how much this meal is
good. Until now I've always slept, but from now on I will have to make the effort to get up early.
When I act in a film, I would have to obey certain regime. Somethimes recording starts at six o'clock
in the morning. Otherwise, it's good that I got up so early because I have to pack before the ship
docks into port. You know, honey, I was thinking about something .. After this cruise is over, you
could come with me to Hollywood. I know that we will achieve a brilliant career, both of us.
Corin sighed first, and then she smiled. When, they headed towards the cabins after breakfast,
Brison stopped in front of her and grabbed her arm.
- Goodbye, baby! See you in a week. - He kissed her so gently, that Corin was genuinely surprised.
She knew that kiss meant nothing to her, but it was good to know that Brison began to respect her in
a certain way.
- Goodbye, Brison - she whispered and went to her cabin.
When she heard the long and protracted ship's siren, she knew that ship sailed into the harbor. She
picked up her bag and straw hat and she rushed on deck. She wanted to see everything and
remember everything.
- Welcome to Spain, Nightingale!
Corin roused. She turned, and her and Gerdov eyes met. He stood at the fence next to her and he
smiled warmly and sincerely as usual. When he touched her hand, Corin seemed that everything
around her changed such a strange way. City, people who hailed from a distance, people around her
at the pier, they all have become happier, nicer and joyfull. -.
- How are you? - She asked awkwardly, only to say something and she moved away from him.
- I'm good, that could not be said for you. You look sad, and I guess that's because Brison. I heard that
he is going to leave us for a while.
- Do not be worried, Gerde. Brison will be back in a week, so that you and Delia can continue to
prosecute him - Corin said ironically.
- So, that is… - Gerd said and turned Korin.
- Now I realize what you are thinking.
- It does not matter what I think or what I know. It is important that I am not able to do anything
about it.
Gerd was looking for a moment, and she felt awful about it. She did not know where to look, and she
did not dare to look him in his eyes. She wanted something to happen, that Terry comes to free her
from Džord compagnion.
- Corina - he began softly, as if nothing had happened - I was in Barcelona a few times, and because I
know the city pretty well. I would be glad if you'd like to go with me on a tour.
Corin wanted to cry. More than anything in the world, she wanted his company and was very
touched by the fact that the Gerd invited just her to come with him. However, she felt that she must
not accept the the call.
 - I'm sorry, Gerde - she began with cold and suave voice..

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