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When the last light, after frenetic applause, went out on stage, Corin sighed and closed her eyes. It
was hard for her to re-open her eyes, because it meant that she will go back to reality, which has a
many uncertainties. When she felt Gerdovu hand in her, she went with him to the exit from the
amphitheater. Without a word they went out on the road, stopped the first taxi and drove to the
boat. Corin was grateful to Gerdu that he was silent the whole time. She was full of impressions,
feelings are being changed every moment, and she had to pull herself together in quiet. In fact, she
was happy becouse the Italian opera and the Gerda, who suddenly appeared.
When they met at the door of her cabin, he gently leaned to Corin and her lips touched hers.
- There are so many things we should talk - he began to whisper. - No, we will not talk tonight,
because I do not want anything what can ruin such a beautiful evening. Good night, beautiful
Nightingale - he finished, turned and went.
After so many days, Corin woke up the next morning happy and satisfied. Still she thought she was
dreaming. She dressed quickly and went to the main deck, to see Rome once again and she wished to
return at least one more time in this beautiful, old city. The boat was supposed to depart in seven o'
clock, and now it was only a few minutes to seven. Corin immediately thought of Brison. He already
had to be on board, even she has not yet seen him. She sighed on a thought of meeting him. She
knew that the famous singer will be very disappointed when she said that she decided to give up the
singing career in favor of a peaceful life in Indiana.
Her thoughts switched to Gerda again, as many times before. What he had to tell her? He was so
kind to her, she knew that he must be given the opportunity to talk to her when he wanted that. All
her life, she will be grateful for the last nights evening, that she spent so nice, and such that night can
never happen again.
Corina looked the clock. It seemed to her that they were standing here that for a long time, and she
heard the machine is working, and the distance from the shore was always the same. It's been seven
and fifteen. Odd, this is the first time from the time they left New York that the ship is not sailing
according to schedule. Corina began to look around. She saw that Terry was very urgently discussing
with Delia. She turned and leaned on the fence, because she did not want to meet with Delia.
- Terry, dear - she heard part of the conversations - why do you not believe me that all will be
disrupted just because of one man?
- But, Mrs. Winthrop, how we can go without him? Maybe something prevented him to arrive on
- No, my dear, it is not that. The captain had just received a telegram. Oh, Corin - Delia shouted and
went to the girl, who want to avoid a meeting with her by all means. - Here's a telegram for you. I'm
sure it is from a famous singer. I got it from John and I promised to find you and give you this
message. Here you go - she said, and handed the envelope to Corin. - I'm dying to hear what a big
star is sending you.
Corin took the telegram from Delijine hands with a great feeling of unease. She looked questioningly
to Terry, who also wanted to find out from her what is going on. Since Terry was silent, Corin
cautiously opened the envelope and began to read the telegram.
Corin's read this telegram twice. She could not believe that was the truth.
- My dear, can I read? - Delia asked and she almost grabed the piece of paper from her hand. - Well,
this is exactly what I have said. It all fits, and the story finally have it's end. Today I will be able to
send the report to my newspapers. And, one more thing!
The wedding between Winthrop and Mr. Bain Gerda will be anounced. Girls, you can congratulate
me - Delia finished triumphantly.
- Congratulations - Terry muttered and looked to Korine, who was pale as a death.
Corin immediately retreated to her cabin. She explained to Terry that she was very tiered, after such
a large sightseeing of Athens and Rome. She said to John, when he came to ask her if she needed
anything, that she did not need anything except the rest.
Late in the afternoon, someone knocked on her door. Corin did not intend to respond, to open the
dor, but when the knocking became more and more persistent, she had to alter her decision.
- Yes?
- Nightingale it is time to talk about something.
- Gerde, I do not know about what we have to spoke, at this time. Otherwise, I am just getting ready
for dinner, so I would not want to ...
- let me in - Gerd interrupted rudely - or I'll talk to you this way, through the keyhole. There are a lot
of passengers that will find our conversation very entertaining.
Corin had no choice. She opened the door and let Gerda to enter the cabin.
- Gerde, I already told you that I am in a hurry. What do you want? - Corin asked coldly but with calm
- I already told you that I want to talk to you. Corin, I have no idea what you know or what you think
- I'll tell you what I think, and then I'm going to ask you to leave my cabin - she interrupted him with
determined voice. - By now I was very naive and childish, but, one learns from the mistakes and
experience. I should realized sooner that you and Delia Winthrop are meant for each other. I'm
absolutely sure that Brison is not on the ship because the two of you, and that I never want to see
you again! I think you understand now what I am thinking, and that I want you to leave my cabin as
soon as possible.
- Corin, I still do not understand ... and, it seems to me that you do not understand some things -
Gerd began with falTerryng voice.
- You are absolutely right. I do not understand some things, and I do not want to understand them. It
seems to me that I am not able to understand it, so there is no need to strain yourself.
- I've said so many times that you are unreasonable, stubborn child - Gerd began to shout – and that I
am just wasting my time with you. You stubbornly refusing to be reasonable, to open our eyes to the
After these words, he rushed out of Korinine cabin and slammed the door. Corin was shaking from
anger, she stood and watched after him. When she calmed down, she decided not to go to dinner.
She did not want to meet anybody, or to speak with anyone. And this time, as before, she found ony
comfort in her guitar. She took her favorite instrument and slowly began to play a Beethoven sonata.
Voyage back to America was monotonous and even boring. Days was passing slowly and Corin was
looking forward to the end of this cruise, so that she can return to Indiana.
Brison did not contact her again. Corin was not worried about what happened to him, but because it
was difficult to perform the program every night all alone. She did not understand why he, because
he was pursuing a career, broke his contract with no explanation, and putted his reputation and
popularity on the line. Consequently, Corin was worried, confused and offended. Her heart was hurt
by Gerdovom decision to marry Delia. All the time he was giving attention to her and she even
thought he was in love with her, and he decided to marry with a more experienced and rich Delia
Terry was very grateful that Corin tried to fill the void in the program, which was caused by the...

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