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She does not know how, but she started to play a favorite Beethoven's composition. Brison never
allowed her to play something like that. He told her that she needs to grow only in one direction and
exercise her fingers to the rhythm of the melody, which they played.
She remembered her father, she began to play at first, and then she began to sing the famous ballad
"Till death do us part." First she sang quietly, and then, because she knew that no one is listening, she
let herself go and she sang with the full voice. She felt she had to sing loudly, or to cry. She did not
sing a song to the end. She stoped with playing as if someone had jumped in front of her and forbide
her to sing. That is not exactly what happened, but something similar did. Corin turned suddenly to
see Gerda, standing leaned on the fence and he was smiling at her. She was angry, confused and
dissatisfied. She thought she was alone, and all the time Gerd was there and he witnessed her
moods, her desire to express her emotions through the song. Did person really never had a right to
his solitude and intimacy?
Gerd slowly headed toward her. And still he was smiling to her warm and friendly. Corin was no
longer able to be angry with him. In Gerdovim eyes she was reading understanding, respect and
admiration. The first time it was clear how much he differs from Brison. Brison sometimes praised
her for good singing, but he never admired to her, he never showed her value. Gerd was giving
confidence and encouragement with his attitude. Only her late father was like that and only with him
she knew and felt that she will succeed and that she must succeed.
- The name Nightingale suits you well - Gerd said, sitting at the table and stareing out into the vast,
restless sea. – You realy sing like a nightingale. You are constantly telling me that Hugh Brison is
talented and that he's a big star. It seems to me that it is the opposite. He yells and howls, grimacing,
and he uses other effects to attract attention to himself. You sing softly and expressively, hall is
silent, when you finish a song, applause erupts only after a few seconds. This means that audience
does not want to accept that you have stopped singing. That is a form of art and the ability to attract
the attention of listeners. Corin, people are happy listening to you, but you yourself are not happy.
- I ... I think you are wrong - she began to protest silently, knowing that she is not persuasive. - I'm
not unhappy. I'm not sure what makes you think so.
She was very excited with Gerdovom compliments and His nearness. They were almost touching
each other with hands on the table, and he did not take his eyes off her face. Her heart was beating
faster and faster, and her throat tightened. Gerd fully understood her, and he was to get to know her
well able in a short time. In a way, he cared about her, and it was natural for her that she now sits
next to him and listens to his words of praise and respect.
Gerd put a hand on her shoulder, and she slowly lifted her head. Something warm went through her
body, and she became aware of one fact. She was in love. She'd never thought about it although she
was a long time with Brison. She listened about the love, talked and sang, but she did not know what
it is. Gerd helped he in such a simple way to understand that love is something that comes so
suddenly, the sense of which we do not have time to think about. It just happens or does not
happen. We do not choose partners, but our hearts. She Corina Henderson, was in love with Gerda
She began to tremble, and Gerd leaned more toward her across the table.
- The Nightingale, it seems to me that you are cold - he whispered. - How would you like that I warm
you up a little bit?
Corin did not get a chance to answer him, because his warm lips descended on hers. She was happy,
and that's why she responded to the kiss. Her heart was singing for joy, because she seemed that
Gerdu cares about her. He was the most atractive, the most beautiful man and in his arms, she felt
like the whole world is hers. She clung on to him wanting that she fully becomes his.
- Oh, you two ... I apologize.
Corin is slowly opened her eyes. It seemed to her that the unknown voice comes from far away, and
she hated him that he interupted their love trance.
- You know, I hate to bother lovers - an elderly sailor began - but, what can I do? The rain will fall
soon, so I have to put away the umbrella.
Gerd and Corin stood up from the table at the same time. He hugged her and led her to the lower
deck. Rain was already falling, and as the wind was blowing strongly
and the two of them leaned against the door above which was a small canvas.
- You should take away that guitar - Gerd said, and took the instrument from her hand. - She's so
beautiful, and it would bad if she gets wet.
- This guitar presents something very valuable for me. Father gave me for my birthday.
- He must have been proud of your skill and musicality.
- Yes, and it meant a lot to me. He died a few months ago.
- I'm sorry, dear. And, do you have a mother?
- I've never met her because she died right after my birth.
- Now I see some things more clearly - Gerd said thoughtfully.
- What?
- I am referring to your affection to Hugh Brison. No, no, do not say anything - Gerd preempt Korine,
and she wanted to say something. To ensure that she will not start to defend Brison again, Gerd
gently put his lips on hers, and she immediately forgot everything.
- I hope you do not regret about this – Gerd said and kissed her again. When his lips landed on her
cheek, which was ablaze, Corin wished to never leave for the rehearsal room to Brison and his fake
and cheap compliments.
- My dear, I'll walk you to your cabin. I know you need to prepare for the rehearsal, and I need to do
some small job.
Corin and Gerd came to her cabin, slowly hand in hand.
- I'll see you at dinner, Nightingale - he whispered and kissed her on the nose.
When he entered the cabin, Corin relaxed in the first chair, closed her eyes and sighed deeply and
contentedly. How long is it until dinner! She wished that these few hours pass quickly and so that she
can go back to be with Gerdom. She needed something to do, something that will make her time fly
until she is again in Gerdu arms.
Corin remembered that there is beauty and recreation center on board of the famous company
"Jacuzzi" and she decided to visit center today, this afternoon. She needed recreation and relaxation.
Wearing a track suit and she went to the upper deck quickly. When she opened the door of the
"Jacuzzi" center she was blasted with moist and warm scent of refreshing herbs and salt. She entered
into a free cabin, and began to undress.
- Hello, Corin!
Corin reared on the fingers and in the next cabin she saw Terry Dalen.
- Hi, Terry. Do you coming to the center often?
- I'm coming. And you?
- I was here for the first time. I came out of curiosity.
- Excellent! You do what they say, and you'll come out of here as a new person.

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