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awaken the senses, desire and true and sincere love. When he leaned over to kiss her, she gently
pushed him away.
- What is wrong? - He asked anxiously, still holding her in the grip.
- Nothing. You were right when you said that I was tired and that I need sleep. Will you let me go
back to my cabin?
- I will, Corin - Gerd said, without releasing her from his grip. He grabbed her chin and lifted her face
so that she had to look him straight in the eye.
- Today, this afternoon, something happened, right? - He asked quietly, but very convincing. His
question was more like a statement than a question.
- Yes - Corin replied with trembling voice. - I came to certain information.
- I do not understand.
- I understand, and that's the most important thing.
- Corin if Brison ...
- Gerd, I do not want to hear about it - she interrupted him. - Good night!
His eyes flashed with a strange glow, and it was clear that Gerd was very angry. He let her go without
a word and she rushed out of the cabin into a dark and wet night.
The next day "Star Princess" has passed through Gibraltar. All passengers were on board, and
listened to the captain's explanation of the size and importance of the Gibraltar gateway.
Corin stood leaning on the fence, but she was completely alone. She did not see Gerda or Brison the
whole morning and she was very pleased because of that. She wanted to be alone with her thoughts
and try to forget what happened last night. The day was warm and sunny, and she felt much better.
She was excited, like all the other passengers, especially because of the fact that she was abroad for
the first time. The captain so nicely talked about the natural and historical significance of the water
through which they passed, the Corin listened his every word with pleasure. She was sorry that they
will pass the Balearic Islands and famouse Mallorca in the night, but she was happy becouse the next
day, in the morning, they will dock in Barcelona.
Brison was late to the afternoon rehearsal. He was depressed and in the bad mood. They played only
once. Tonight is supposed to be their last duet before ship docks in Europe. It was agreed that both
of them have a little free time, since passengers will be able to go to out in a city and they will be
able to choose their own entertainment between many nightclubs of Barcelona. Corin paused. Brison
will go to Paris and he will return only when ship comes to Italy, when passengers look around the
city of Rome. Meanwhile, according to the plan of the voyage, except in Barcelona, they will visit
Tunis and Athens. What will she do in these cities alone and without a real company? She had a
burning desire to visit all those cities to get to know life in them and to buy something, but she hated
the thought to move only in tourist groups or all alone. Everyone came on board with his friends or
has gained friends along the way and therefore it would not be nice of her to jump in someone
company and to be annoying in that way. Her true companion was Brison, and he decided to look for
something more interesting on the other side.
She remembered Terry Dalen and relieved. She hurried to find her and talk to her about the
possibility of the two of them go sightseeing and shopping together.
She found Terry Dalen in the hall, where will be held the closing ceremony of the first ships docking
in Europe. The hall was very live and colorful. The ceremony was supposed to look like the real
Spanish fiesta, and because of that they all tried and create true Spanish atmosphere.
- Oh, Corin - Terry shouted when she saw her - I'm so glad you came. How do you like the
decoration? Everything is original, is it not? Your stage will be in that corner, because there the
lighting is the best. And Brison said he would come to see what we've done.
- It's nice, Terry! You are, indeed, indispensable. You know, I want to ask you, do you have a moment
of time to devote to me?
- Of course I do, Corin. Please sit at the table and I'll order a coffee.
- Excellent!
As soon as the coffee arrived, the girls began to talk.
- Corin, is something wrong?
- All is all right, Terry. Why?
- It seems to me that in the last few days you are not particularly good mood. If you have a problem,
and if I can help, please just let me know. I will do everything in my power ...
- Oh, Terry, why are you saying all that when everything is all right - Corin said, trying to get away
from the rather embarrassing situation. She had to convince Terry that everything is all right. – I am
having sucha a wonderful time! I'm a little excited about tha fact that we finally arrived in Europe,
and that's about it and I wanted to ask you something. I would like to visit some cities where we stop.
- As to that, no problem. I just wanted to give you that suggestion. You'll have plenty of free time,
and that means you need to use it in the best way possible.
- Thank you, Terry, but ... I don’t want to go sightseeing alone. Would you come with me?
- How could I not! I am happy that you like my company, but I assumed that you will be with your
- Brison is going to Paris, and he will return to the ship when we arrive in Rome.
- I know that, Corin, but, I did not mean about Brison.
- How? Well, I just know him, I think .. . I went with him to the ship, and he was with me all the time. I
barely know the others.
- And what about Gerdom Bain?
- You mean Mr. Bain? - Corin asked and flushed. - Why did you mention him?
- Corin, I do not want to be indiscreet and embarrassing, but you know that I am constantly moving
around the ship and that I see and know everything. Do not be mad, but it seems to me that on that
masquerade Gladiator and Cleopatra had great fun and they were very nice. Am I right?
- Terry - Corina began with falTerryng voice - I did not know who was the gladiator. He was great
dancer, and so we spent the entire evening together ... you know, I could not find Brison, and ...
Terry, the man is not too young, and it is clear that he is not the man for me, and this ...
- OK, Corin, there is no need for explanations. I just thought, that is, I thought ... I am just looking
forward to our time together. Just in Tunisia I will not be able to go with you. I have to stay on board
as the crew made a plan on duty on board, which I have to obey.
- Great! - Corin shouted. She was genuinely pleased they stopped talking about Gerdu Bain. - I'll see
you tomorrow for breakfast, and then we will go sightseeing in Barcelona.
- Corina - Brison spoke to his partner night after the show, as they came to the wardrobe to change
clothes - every day you're getting better and better. I have plans for our future. Do not worry, dear.
We'll talk when I get back from Paris. Think of me and things to come, and the time will pass more

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