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LOVE OF BOARD-PART-14 hug and to kiss. His hands was slideing over her neck and shoulders, and she was not resisting.
When Brison moved away from her a little bit, she strongly attracted him to her and she began to
whisper . - Oh, my dear, do not leave me, do not ...
- Corina, are you sure you want my love? – She heard quite slurred whisper. - You have to be sure ...
- I'm sure - she cried and put her lips to his.
- Wonderful, my litle nightingale – she heard a distinct whisper now and she froze. She was unable to
open her mouth in horror. Her thoughts were paralyzed, and only one word echoed in her mind, as a
dreadful reminder of hers carelessness. Nightingale! Beautiful gladiator raised his hat and smiled at
her, with the well-known, warm smile. No, it was not Brison blue eyes, but dark and warm Gerdove
- Gerde! - She screamed and recoiled.
- Yes, the nightingale.
- Gerde - she repeated once more his name as if she wanted to make sure whether all of this, is real.
Her mouth was dry, and her heart was pounding like it will pop up. She was desperate and in panic ..
- How... I think ... that costume
- Do you like it? - He asked and looked himself from head to toe.
. - I ... this ... Brison was supposed to have such a costume ...
- Are you saying that you thought that Brison was with you all along? - He asked coldly.
- Yes - Corin answer honestly. She was so embarrassed and ashamed that she did not know what to
say and how to behave. What she kissed Gerda passionately and what she was saying to him! - Why
did you not reveal your identity? - She asked, almost angrily
- To tell you the truth, I was convinced that you know it was me, and the ball rule is that the identity
of the person should not be disclosed until midnight. We still have fifteen minutes left, and then we
have to join the others and discover who we are.
- So, you've used my ignorance, and ...
- What do you say? - He asked ironically. - I would gladly agreed to come back half an hour ago. I
would say that you are not so naive and that yuu know very well the rules of the game of love.
Korininas face blazed in shame. She wanted to scream, but even if she did that, nobody would
believe she meant it for real.
- You know very well that I thought that you are Brison. How could I have guessed that it was you?
You even shaved your mustache!
Gerd moved his hand over his upper lip, then smiled wistfully.
- I had to shave the mustache. It is demanded becouse of my costume. All Roman gladiators were
always perfectly shaved.
- That I can not believe! - Corina shouted angrily. - You shaved your mustache so that you have me on
thin ice.
- My dear - Gerd began with low and menacing voice - so far I could have any woman I wanted, and I
did not need to use tricks. I do not know what man is your so-called Brison, and if he uses tricks to
win you over.
- He does not need to use tricks!
- If you believe everything you say, then you are unacceptably reckless. I do not know anything about
the relationship between the two of you, but I can tell you that you are very happy that you are on
this ship and he is busy with entertainment with other ladies.
If with anyone you should share your youth and innocence, that must be with a real man. Corin, this
man is very dangerous and if he get you in his hands, you're busted. He is not who he says he is.
- You've already warned me several times about it! - Corin shouted irritably. - By all means you want
to humiliate and debase Brison. This guy is a star, he is admired. If it was not for him, there would be
nothing of my career.
- You talk about career like you care about it - Gerd said quietly and stared looking to Corin straight
into the eyes, as if he expected from her to confirm his words.
- On what basis do you say that? - She shouted, while in her heart she was aware of the fact that
Gerd was telling the truth. - You speak as if you know everything about me, and we know each other
not more than a few days.
Gerd was silent for a while, and that ment more than thousands words. Corin did not have the
strength to look into his eyes. She dumped her head and blushed. When Gerd lifted her chin, she did
not resist.
- Nightingale, you know that it was not hard to get to know you and to understand that you are
naive, honest and sincere. Corin, dear, you do not owe anything Brison. What he does, he does for
himself, not for you. He needs you more than you need him. Analyse your feelings for this man and
think carefully about everything. Do it before it's too late.
Corin listened Gerda and she was more and more convinced that he is absolutely right.
- I never claimed that I am bound by Brison. Anyway - Corin continued rather unconvincingly - he is
the man that every girl could only wish for.
- Many before you have also thought that but they sobered quickly. I was hoping that you are
different. Gerd drew Korine to himself and kissed her gently. Then he removed the mask from her
face and a wig from her head. Her blonde hair disarray to her shoulders, and he took a few moments
to gently caressed her slowly, as if he wanted to calm her down.
- Corina, you're not like the other girls. You are something special and different. You just need to
have a little more confidence – he whispered as if she was a small child.
Corin was completely mesmerized by his closeness and his touch. When he again began kissing her
softly and passionately, she surrendered to him completely. She seemed like she is losing the ground
under her feet, she was so excited and overwhelmed by her own feelings.
When Gerd abruptly separated from her, she was surprised.
- Do u feel this way when you're in the Brisonovom arms? – When she heard the question she looked
in wonder and surprise. What has prompted Gerda to suddenly break away from her and to ask that
question? Before she was able to answer him, she realized that she was alone.
The next day, Corin woke up before noon. She was still sleepy and tired as she came to her cabin
littel before dawn. Through the window of her cabin, she saw that day was cloudy and gray, so she
decided that she will sty in her bed till afternoon. She closed her eyes and remembered the Gerdovih
kisses. Regardless of the outcome of her acquaintance with Gerd, she'll never forget these kisses. The
Gerd could not be a bad man. He is so nice and honest speaker, and above all he was a devoted and
affectionate towards her. But what did he have against Brison? Why at all costs he wanted to make
clear that Brison is a bad man?
She decided that she will not come out of her cabin until rehearsals. She will ask for something to eat
in her room, she will go to shower to sleep again. That way she will be rested and refreshed for the
rehearsals in the afternoon.
- Come on! - She shouted as she heard a knock at the door of her cabin.

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