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- There is only one car here, and the owner's son drove it to town. He will not be back until
tomorrow. Nightingale, we could end up worse. After all, tourists are rarely given the opportunity to
peek inside these villas. I was right when I said that the owners are not there. Servant and his wife
offered us hospitality.
Corina knew that Gerd is right. They could end up worse, but, shet does not know how they end up
yet. The opportunity to spend the night in an empty mansion with Gerdom, was inconvenience which
might be worse than a long walk.
As they settled in large and luxurious room, it was time for dinner. Corin was surprised when she saw
that they served dinner on the terrace, which was located above the sea. They dined by candlelight
with the moon, that laughed from a dark, velvet sky. Corin was truly excited, and more because Gerd
is her dining companion.
Servant served French onion soup, steak with vegetables and mushrooms, French cheese and wine.
They got a wonderful dessert, fruit ice cream. and then coffee.
Corin was more than satisfied. Never in her life she enjoyed so much. All around her was so strange,
- How do you like all of this? – Gerd asked. - A table for two, dinner by the moonlight, terrace above
the sea! This is something you could not have in any restaurant in the world.
- It's beautiful - she whispered all flushed from a good wine, excitement and beauty that surrounded
- Would you like to take a walk along the coast, to experience Mediterranean vegetation and the
Corin did not even have the slightest thought to oppose Gerdovom proposal. She got up from the
table and went with him.
Path to the beach was stone, white stairs and they ran down them. Gerd caught Corin's hand, and
she felt like this gesture is the most natural thing in the world.
The sand was still warm, and Corin took off her shoes. After that she ran to the sea. Since Gerd was
still holding her hand, she pulled him as well.
-Easy Nightingale - he shouted cheerfully. - I guess I should take off my shoes as well!
The sea was also warm and very salty. Corin was all wet in no time. She played with the water like a
child and she was very happy. Gerd joined her, and the two of them were completely absorbed in the
moment of a beautiful warm Tunisian nights.
When she slipped, Corin had no time to figure out what's going on with her. Her mouth was filled
with salty water, and her legs did not feel the bottom. She was so frightened that she thought she
was alone, that Gerd is very far and will not arrive to help her. Then she suddenly emerged quickly
and easily out of the water and she filled her lungs with air. What's going on with her? When her
head fell on Gerdove chest, she realized that she was in his arms. The taste of his kisses mingled with
the taste of salty water, but she did not want to change anything. Gerd was almost up to his waist in
the water and he held her in his arms. Corin seemed they have stood there for a long time and they
were kissing passionately and eagerly. She gave herself to his touches and she wanted that this magic
never ends. She was very excited, because Gerd was so nice and powerful, like a god, who had
emerged from the water to save her and took her in his arms. She was in love with him, it was so
natural and normal what was happening to her,.
Her feet touched the warm sand again and Corin realized that Gerd took her to shore. And, as if she
sobered. Waves must have taken those magical moments, and then she thought of Delia. Perhaps
this is part of their plan. Her eyes filled with tears, and she slowly moved away from Jeddah.
- Nightingale - he whispered with a pleading voice.
- Gerde. . . it’s not fair and you very well know it.
- What's fair? - He shouted angrily. - You will never open your eyes, you will never understand how
you are mistakeing. You need to be loyal to the man, who does not know you even exist at this point.
If you realize once how much you are wrong, do not ask me, because I'll not be here!
After these words, Gerd turned and left. Corin left alone on the beach. She was no more warm and
cozy. Her clothes was wet and she began to tremble. With heavy step she went to the villa, which
now looked like an ordinary house for her.
In the morning, the next day, breakfast passed in silence. Immediately after breakfast, car arrived,
which was sent early in the morning. Corin and Gerd warmly regarded the friendly servant, and his
wife, and immediately set off for Tunis. They also did not speak a word until they arrived to the city.
Gerd looked in front of him and he was frowning. Corin did not have even the slightest thought to
begin any conversation with him.
When they arrived in the city center, Gerd parked his car on a one side of the street, he got out from
the car and he approached to Corin.
- I assume you want resume sightseeing of the city center? - He asked, with icy voice.22f2
- While ... yes - and she stammered out of the car, because Gerd already opened the door.
- You will return to the ship will a taxi, right?
Corin just nodded, because she did not have the strength to open her mouth. Gerd got into his car
and left without saying goodbye.
Never in her life Corin did not feel such loneliness. Nothing was nice and appealing to her no more,
she had the will for nothing. Sightseeing and shopping, lost its charm. Still, she had to do something
for the time to pass, which she had free time in abundance.
Till the afternoon, she looked at the old buildings, souvenir shops, and even bought a colorful rug,
hand made. She was glad that she did, because it would be a shame to leave this city without some
exotic memories. In the afternoon she drank the bitter tea in the garden of a small restaurant and
then she drove with a taxi to the ship.
- Corina, Corina, are you in the room?
Corin immediately recognized the Terryn voice. Only now she remembered that she had promised to
Tery that she will come to the ship for lunch, to make sure that she is ok. He quickly got out of bed,
ran to the door and opened it.
- Come on, Terry. I know it's my fault - she started first - and I know I deserve a leason. I forgot
the promise I made, and I knew how much you care. Sorry, Terry, please. So much has happened in a
short time ...
- Concerning Gerd Bain too, is it not?
- Why that name crossed your mind?
- Yesterday, at lunch, I began to ask about you those passengers who have returned to the ship for
lunch. They told me that they saw you and Gerda enTerryng the taxi. When I heard that, I stopped to
care. But when he returned to the boat this morning, I did not know what to think. He was very
moody and it was obvious that something was bothering him. I dared to approach him and ask him
where you are. He just shook his head and told me that he is leaving the ship and will be back on it in
Rome. What happened?
- If I tell you, you will not believe - Corin said and sighed deeply. She knew that she will tell all the
details to Terry, because, at this point, she needs someone to trust. She confided to Terry even
Gerdove doubts about Brison, and her dilemma of whether that is something serious or not.
- Now I understand all - Terry began with a significant voice and patted Korine with her hand. - You
know I am convinced that Gerd is a very smart and decent man. If he believes that Brison is hiding
something, then he is surely right. Gerd is a man worthy of respect, and in all aspekts.
- All that is not important to me - Corina began resignedly. - Any relationship between the two of us
is excluded, and I think that the best thing is to forget the whole thing. I can not wait to finish this
cruise and get back home in Indiana. I want to completely isolate myself from of this world, forget...

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