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Secret documents to come to the light of truth: CROATIAN GENERAL ARE INNOCENT, YOU WILL NOW VELEIZDAJNICI judge what you have taken
CROATIAN LIFE NACFIONALNIM hero, and thou vile and vicious EU!
All tragedies are tragic heroes, tragic guilt, tragic ending, and when we talk about the tragedy, then it usually means an accident or some terrible event. Croatian history is full of tragedy, and Croats are unique because of it, that for all its tragedy, of this or that character, place blame on the backs of others, and themselves excluded from liability. It is not necessary to review the entire history of Croatia to the true facts had a butt, and also that same history is not necessary to review in order to prove that the responsibility and blame for all our tragedy solely on us. Just for example, say that we are now totally incorrect condemn and attack the Austrians and the Emperor Leopold, they tricked Zrinskoga. As far as this tragedy is right to say that Zrinski politically responsible, because his head when he is to do this, should lose the battle for Croatia, and not because of loyalty Austrian group of criminals. Zrinski and his good faith must be, and it was a burden on him, not the Austrian criminals who have both him and deceived us into his and our "good faith." And our current tragedy associated with the judgment of Croatian generals in the Hague, if look after the fact, we prove that for them only blame ourselves and responsible. Completely and totally wrong for this tragedy Croats accuse judges of the Hague, the British, the Masons and who knows what all the secrets of the world centers of power and of European and gang excluding himself from responsibility. Generals, especially General Ante Gotovina issued are condemned his own brothers Croats! The moment ga Croatian criminals as criminals locate, identify, arrest and transferred he was already convicted and only politically foolish man could expect to have a fair trial and that, as an innocent man, to be released. Ante Gotovina, who, unlike Zrinskoga, was ready to lose his head in the battle for Croatia's freedom and condemned issued in the first place, authorities wanted the HDZ, which was issued by this act defended his treacherous positions acquired unreserved obedience and submission to European powers, and others' interests and to the detriment Croatian. Today these same pretense and deceit, malicious and evil-meaningful wash his hands of responsibility and guilt by transferring the same to Pedro, who forwarded the transcripts of evidence Hague  so the fact that they are the innocent man transferred the same Hague. For the new Croatian tragedy guilt and responsibility borne by many factors Croatian society. Borne by many other politicians, ideologues, parties, intellectuals, religious leaders. Few of them have raised their voice of protest, dissent at a time when it is transferred. Thus, most of them implicitly condemned and therefore the blame for this tragedy on many of them. Responsibility and guilt is particularly on those who "cling" to morality, who consider themselves followers of truth, justice and righteousness, the followers of the right to liberty and free life.and moments extradition of an innocent man, by its silence, the top of the Catholic Church is not only betrayed an innocent man, Croatia's fight for independence and Croatia itself, was issued by the truth separation from her. Today's church leaders desperation reminiscent of despair očajalog Jude očajalog because they are separated from the betrayal of Jesus. Shifting the blame and responsibility on the other Croats were trying to minimize or play down entirely their own responsibility. The real truth is that the cause of their own guilt of all our tragedies, including the present one. Today's tragic hero Croatian Ante Gotovina - guilty without guilt - or the victim of their own destiny, or is a victim of external enemies. Croatia and its tragedy is based on our own guilt, the betrayal, the powerlessness, the weakness, the neinteligenciji, the timidity, the Croatian cowardice, submission, obedience and servility, just as we do not want and do not have the strength to admit. This is a characteristic of our past and our present, and to the disastrous "fate" stop and reverse the need is the opposite of all this, requires strength of mind, intelligence and bravery. So far the story of General Ante Gotovina ended in tragedy, the final price paid by him. His sacrifice is as great greatest sacrifice that man can give, and that is his life. It is equally great because his victim's own freedom. But his victim is not the victim who received the terrible suffering on himself for the salvation and happiness of the Croatian people, because what he is humbled and convicted, will not end the suffering of his country, not completed all her wanderings. His homeland is not thereby found its reassurance. Tragedy and sacrifice Croat Ante Gotovina is not regained sanity, but on the contrary they unreasonably again in front of their people instead of ideas full affirmation of human freedom and the freedom of people in your country to promote recognition of the combination is to be expected that disposal and destruction of ethnic, national feelings and ideas of independence. Propagated, as ostensibly for economic reasons, we need to give it all, that due to economic reasons new European framework, the only alternative, and elide the reality that our economic orientation has to go to the real political and economic channels of the world, and not in lieu of New Arpad, Habsburgs, Karageorgevich new framework in which we are waiting for the new ropes tightening of freedom and independence. Croatian political and economic elite, the intelligentsia and the leadership of the Catholic Church correctly emphasize the integration of the euro as a solution without alternatives. This is to say that the idea of ​​an independent state survivor thing. Time drowning its own people in a new combination, while the other prime ministers of all innumerable deputies example Germany, Italy, France or England are doing everything to maintain your essentials, doing everything for the maintenance, strengthening and prosperity of their country, that is, for what exists . None of them ever said nothing in his parliament, before any other such institutions, directly or indirectly, to consider the existence of their state backwardness which should be liquidated in terms of any combination. Because of that attitude factors Croatia Croatian society is today in a position of praying and commodities, humiliated and without pride. She neither discussed, nor has the right to discuss on equal terms with themselves as equal. Her future and her destiny is not in her hands but in the hands of foreign powers, who are full of themselves and their own, full of contempt and disdain for the country of Croatia and Croats. We have accepted this role alone, we accept such a role before, such recourse lead role and lead to tragedy for which we blame and blame others. Such roles were worn and still wear the innocent victims and futile, as he vainly sacrificed and the victim of the brothers of the issued and convicted General Ante Gotovina. "I received e-mail: Here's the link of the Minutes of the meeting of the Supreme Defence Council of the FRY, 14.8.1995: otherwise it is a document that the defense requested, and the Court in the Hague steadfastly refused to force the Serbian authorities to allow them to ga. Here's who to blame: and Some Serbs do not like that it does not know, so send some Croats, which led to me:
 http://www.sense-agency.com/upload/documents/stenografic_records/BHS/41._Sednica_VSO_14.8.1995.pdf "

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