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Corin Henderson was betrayed by her, as the sea green eyes. They shone with a strange glow and
was betraying her nervousness and excitement. With light and brisk step Corin approached the
woman, who was in uniform, and which was referring occupants to their cabins. With her foot she
was pushing a suitcase forward, because she could not do that in any other way. In her hand she held
a travel purse, large hand purse and wallet. One carrier approached her hastily and took her big
suitcase all the way up to the entrance of the boat.
- Miss Henderson, right? - Young woman whose face was sprinkled with freckles, addressed her.
From the small plate, which was located on the left side of her jacket, Corin had read that the woman
is leader of the cruise.
- Yes, I am - Corin said, surprised. - How did you know it was me?
- Well, that's my job - woman said friendly. - After all, your face is not hard to recognize.
The woman nodded to a man who was sitting in cash register and was checking the passengers
tickets, and then discreetly gestured to the huge poster, which was located at the entrance to the
ship. From him, handsome Hugh Brison and she smiled in the actual size. They were in an elegant
evening dressing, a photo which was made a few days ago and it supposed to mark the beginning of
this strange, magical adventure. Corin was staring at a huge poster with disbelief, the poster which
attracted the attention of travelers, who boarded the ship, not yet been able to comprehend what
was happening to her.
- Poster is superb – said the a woman - but, you are much more beautiful in nature.
- Oh, thank you for the compliment - Corin said, and smiled confusedly. - You know, I see this poster
for the first time.
- I'm Terry Dalen - young woman said, the leader of the cruise. And am pleased that you and Hugh
Brison are on this board. - Tell me - she began quietly leaning friendly towards Corin - Is Hugh Brison
handsome in nature as in this poster?
- He is fantastic - said Corin with significant voice - and, much more importantly he is very talented. I
simply can not believe that I was hired to work with him.
- Do not be so humble – Terry said. - I heard that you are very talented as well. Anyway, I hope later
we will have much more time to talk. If there is anything you need, just find me. Your cabin is located
in the first class, and there passengers gets the greatest care. Here comes John, and he is your host.
John, bring Miss Henderson to her cabin.
Young and very nice man in uniform, approached the Corin, smiled at her, and clericaly took her
suitcase and travel purse.
When she entered the cabin, she was very surprised. It was bigger than her flat in New York. - These
flowers arrived just a few moments before you - John said, and pointed to a huge bouquet of colorful
flowers, which was already in the vase. - And champagne, too.
Corin took note that was still among the flowers. She opened it and read it at a glance. The content
was brief but effective.
Corin's heart began to beat strongly. Brison was so popular and such a wanted entertainer. The very
fact that he chose her as a partner on this cruise is something she never could have imagined. And
yet the flowers and champagne! The fact he found time for it, is something you could not believe.
- Miss - she heard John's voice - would you like me to unpack your stuff? "Star Princess" is on its first
cruise, and ceremony on the occasion of this event, should start any minute now. We leave
immediately after the ceremony, and I am sure that you would not want to miss it.
Corin was quite uncomfortable with the idea that someone unpacks her belongings, let alone a man.
She was uncomfortable, but she believed that she should not oppose to that.
- Fine, John - she said , went to the mirror and began to fixing her makeup. - Do whatever you feel is
your duty. I am going to the main deck. And, thank you!
The deck was decorated with flowers and colorful flags. The passengers were happy and cheerful and
had gathered around the fence to see a bottle of champagne that every moment should be smashed
on the bow of the ship. The weather was beautiful. It was May, and in May the weather often was
beautiful, warm and sunny. Corin looked at the clock. Departure time of the ship was exactly eleven
o'clock in the morning. She could not yet believe that she is on this wonderful boat and that she is
moving in such a strange and exciting adventure like a cruise. She wanted that Brison is here with
her. He probably boarded the ship much earlier, and is now located somewhere on the deck,
surrounded by many ingenious fans.
Leaning on the ship's rail, Corin was waiting that ship finally start leaving New Yorks harbor. She
remembered the day, two months ago, when, late at night in her apartment the phone rang.
"Corin... Corin " she heard the voice of his manager," wake up! You must be awake, because I need to
tell you something very important! "
She slept very brief but firmly. As usual, she returned from the cafe where she sang every night. She
does not know why, but that night was extremely tired. She remembered that her late father
repeatedly warned her not to come alone to New York City to begin a singing career. She smiled
wistfully, as she slowly began to realize that her father was right. She was very hard all alone in the
wide world.

She was the only child of her parents. Her mother died right after delivery, and she was, from the
first days of life, nurtured by her father. He was a wonderful, kind and understanding.
Even at an early age, Corin's great gift for music was observed, and especially her very beautiful
voice. Her father did not object to her desire to attend music school. She played several instruments
and she loved the guitar most of all, the guitar that was given to her by her father for the sixteenth
birthday. The teachers, who taught her in music school, have supported her desire to devote herself
to singing.
It was a hard hit when she learned that her father suffered the development of an incurable disease.
She devotedly nursed him for months, determined to give up the career of singer. She played to her
father the most famous works from classical music, believing that she was easing his pain this way
and the last days of his life. His eyes were often full of tears, and Corin knew it was because he was
afraid for her future.
After his father's death, Corin was alone. She still loved the music. Therefore she decided to, with her
father's small savings, to move to New York to try to make a career as a singer.
As soon as she arrived in a multimillion city, she searched for the apartment. She found one on the
tenth floor of a skyscraper. It was not great, but it was comfortable and quite inexpensive. Then she
began to call numbers in the ads and went on auditions. She knew that this is start and that she will
not be easy, but, she was lucky if the following events can be called like that. After one week she got
a job at a cafe to sing six days a week, from eight o'clock in the evening until midnight. In her favor
was the fact that she could follow her singing on the guitar. Her salary was such that she could pay
the rent, food and public transport. Therefore, she took the day job in a boutique as a salesgirl. In
this way, she had more money, but had no free time for socializing and relaxation. However, Corin
was happy, because she was only nineteen years old and she has solo show, and successful one.
After two weeks of performances in the cafe, she met Roger. As she sang a song, he called her to his
table and introduced himself as a music manager. He told her she was talented and she needs
someone who will take care of her career. So she agreed that Roger will be her manager. She tried to
sing better, and she took care about her appearance. After just a week he found her a new, better
job. And now, Roger called again. She was very tired because she sang almost three-hours without
pause. She was not happy when Roger awoke her in the middle of the night like that.
"Sorry, Roger" - she began with drowsy voice, "Give me just a minutes to be fully awaken."
She left the phone open and ran to the bathroom to splash herself with cold water. After that, she
was quite awake, but still very tired.
"Good," Corin said, having again taken phone up, what can I do for you? "
"Nothing, my dear. As usual, ten percent of the profit belongs to me. And now you ask me what I did
for you! "
Corin sat up in bed. By Rogers voice to her it seemed something strange is going on. "Well, what is
it?" She asked quietly and cautiously.
"Honey, the new job! But, what job! "
"What do you say? I do not know ... I do not know what it is? "
Roger job was, among other things, to find places where they held auditions and to send her to
them. Corin went to these auditions, but they mostly represent only the experience and nothing
more. There was no way that she could be impleaceed in certain shops or entertaining programs. She
really have no idea what kind of job it was.
" Corin,, Star Princess'! Hugh Brison has chosen you to be his partner on the first cruise of the ship on
Mediterranean. "
Even now, when she remembered that, Corin felt that something weird went through the whole
body. She shivered like in the fever and sighed. It was so unexpected, so impossible and so
incredible, that Corin did not even know how she slept through the rest of the night. When she woke
up, she was convinced that she had dreamed these events. But Roger called in the morning, and once
told her good news. From that day on her life took a brand new course. It was like a fairy tale, like
that of Cinderella. Fairy waved with the magic wand and, from the world of ordinary and always the
same, she moved into the world of beauty, hope and anticipation.
The whole two months she tried wardrobe, she was photographed for promotional photos, given
interviews and traved. Roger helped her to renew the wardrobe. For few days they were visiting
famous and luxurious boutiques. He suggested her to decide on a darker color to better showcase
the light tan and blonde hair.
However, the most exciting part of the preparation for the cruise was to work with Hugh Brison.
Corin knew him from the tv, posters and photos. She never dared to think that she could be meet
him and much less get to work with such a famous and handsome singer.
Career of Brison Hugh was sudden and swift. His album "First Love" has achieved great success. Hits
from that album were kept on all the charts for weeks and months.
In preparation for the cruise and long rehearsals, Corin fervently tried to please Brison and to show
him that she is able to adapt and change. She learned a lot about the world of singers and
entertainers in the world she worked so hard to penetrate. There were some good moments, but the
surprises and disappointments. And Roger and Brison were trying to explain to her that in this world
everything is uncommon and often inexplicable, but she will have to believe in herrself and to
perceive all as a great experience. Only in this way she will be able to become a great singer and will
be able to cope with the competition.
In this world, everything was happening very quickly, so Corin barely had time to realize what was
happening to her. Only in one thing she was quite sure: she worked hard and tiring hard, but in this
work, Hugh Brison helped her. Preparations for the cruise included the introduction to the "World of beauty" as it was called by Brison. Corin did not feel particularly comfortable in this world, but it is Brison who helped her to be able to relax and to adjust to the situation in which she is located.
Corin was fascinated by Brison. He was good at all, he did everything with great ease and incredible
charm. She was afraid she was not pretty enough, socialised and adjustable, and therefore will not
manage to work in a world that was ruthless and is much sought by those he admired, and that are
well paid. We she was all alone in small apartment, Corin would usually stand in front of the mirror. She
watched her green, wide-set eyes, and knew that they were inherited from her mother. Her hair was
long, blond and fluffy. Many did not believe it was her natural color, and women often approached
her and stared at her hair root, to discovere that she dyed her hair or not. She had a long neck,
prominent cheekbones and a very clean and bright tan. She was a slim, medium height, a main
reason she was often angry at herself. She would prefer that she was tall and very thin, like those
photo-models, who smiled in advertising posters and photographs. Brison flattered with her, calling
her a little vamp and beauty.
- We do not intend to postpone the departure of a ship by a defiant and rude singer - she heard a
firm male voice Corin, which has returned her to reality.
- I fully agree with you, Mr. Bain. However, the group leader told me that he was the one person
without whom this voyage would be unimaginable. If we were without him on this trip, so many
passengers would be greatly disappointed. We are in a very unpleasant ¬ situation. People have
come to me asking why the ship has not already departed. You are not feeling pleasant, but how is it
for me!
- All right, Captain, but no more delay. I want to move the boat in five minutes with or without Hugh
Corin shivered. So, her partner, a man for whom she worked so hard, was not even on the ship. All
her hopes were momentarily could inadvertently fall into the murky water that is splashing beautiful,
white ship. She moved away from the fence in order to see who is talking so bad about Brison, and at
the same time to return to her cabin. She almost collided with a man who easily rested his hands to
her shoulders and smiled warmly. His dark, big eyes, looked her with much sympathy.
- Oh, sorry - said the same voice, which just few moments ago sounded so harsh. - If I had not kept
you, we would hit one another.
- It’s ok - muttered Corin aware of the fact that his hands rest still on her shoulders.
- Somehow you look very familiar to me - he said, staring into her green wide open eyes.
Before Corin managed to said anything to him, a sailor ran and pointedly reported. - Excuse me, Mr.
Bain, but I have to tell you that Hugh Brison arrived at the port this moment and will now embark on
the ship.
She turned head towards the entrance to the boat waiting for the high and well-known figure of her
- Oh, now I know - said Mr. Bain when Corin turned back to him. - You're his partner on this cruise, is
it not?
Corin did not know with who she was honored to be in such an unordinary situation. Who was this
Mr. Bain? He spoke and acted as if the ship had been his property.
- Are you referring to Mr. Hugh? - She asked ironically, and suddenly separated from the man who
had dared to insult Brison. - Yes, I'm his partner. If you do not mind, I'd liked to go. ..
- I hope you're his partner, but only professionally.
Corin again was not able to answer. This guy was so nice, he radiated such magnetic power, she felt
that all the words sounded very empty and meaningless.
- I apologize to you, Miss Henderson - said Ms. Bain and with warm smile. - I did not want to listen to
you tonight, but now I realize that I will change my mind. In fact, I can not wait to hear you sing.
Would you drink something with me during the break?
Mr. Bain did not wait for an answer. Once again he smiled and left Corin to stand and to stunned
looking for him. The ship rocked strongly and Corin knew that they were finaly departing. The people,
which remained on the dock, was waving to those who went on the cruise. Corin knew that there
was no one to wave to her, but also she knew that the ships bell, which she is still echoing in her
ears, meant the beginning of her new life.
- Enough! - Brison shouted angrily after the fifth time, in the same place, he stopped Corin singing. -
Corin, you need to be a little more energetic. My dear, your voice sounds too dreamy. I wanted him
to get a little stronger flavor. Put that guitar, and give a little more life!
- Oh, Brison, did we not practice this for two months? Until now you have not complained. I just can
not understand.
- My darling, this is the finale. Now all things are dressing up and shaping, now decision is must be
made that needs to be valid for all future performances. I hope that the costume will change
something in you and then I'll finally get what I want.
Corin and Brison were in a small room, which was assigned to them for rehearsals, and it has a bit
characTerrystics of a wardrobe. Brison casually approached the curtain, which stretched from wall to
wall, and move it with a flick of the hand. Long hanger appeared with hanged clothes for the show.
- Here, my dear - he said, and took off one dress from a hanger. - Put this on! Maybe you'll get an
idea of how you should sing.
Corin has accepted what Brison gave to her and went to a nearby cabin to change. Only when she
was alone, she observed better what Brison gave to her. In her hand was a pair of narrow, satin pants
and a tank top. Everything was black, and she shivered. She went with Roger to elect the wardrobe,
but she did not buy this. So, someone else gave the suggestion what she had to wear while
performing on this cruise.
Corin was slender and built very nice, but barely managed to fit in the satin pants. She wondered
how she would sing, when she could barely breathe now. When she looked at the mirror, she opened
her mouth in a surprise. Every muscle in her body was outlined, and her waist was thin as the paper
- Come on, my little one! - Brison shouted impatiently. - In that dress you will perform tonight. I want
to see how you look.
- Brison - Corin began with hesitant voice, as she entered the room for the test - I think that
something has to change here. Do you see how I look like? Pants are too tight and the shirt is also
thin and transparent. I should wear a blouse underneath. Who bought all of this? This is too little, too
little Brison!
Brison did not say anything, just laugh out loud and laughed heartily.

- Corin, baby, you're so cute and childish. Do you know that my wardrobe select people who are
masters of their work. Accordingly, the pants are just the kind, they should be, and under your shirt
you will not wear anything. And, I would not want to discuss that never again. For the love of the
world, I want this rehearsal to be over all ready, so I could catch some sunlight.
Corin felt something deep down, but she knew that opposeing does not make sense. Thanks to
Brison, she was on this ship, which meant that she had to obey his wishes and whims.
She returned to the dressing room and put on a shirt. She had never felt so naked. The shirt was
transparent, narrow and had a very low neckline.
- Corin, will you come already?
- I am coming! - She shouted, and after a few moments stood before Brison.
- Great! Excellent! You will sensational! You're just what I need right now! You seem both naive and
challenging, and that is what is required at this time.
He approached her and roughly attract her to himself. The next moment his lips merged with hers.
Corin has shuted her eyes, hoping that this burst of his tenderness finish as soon as possible. Brison
kissed her before this just one more time, after he wished her good night after New Yorks night club.
She was not particularly thrilled, but she was flattered because thousands of girls wanted Brisons
kiss. When moved away from her, he grabbed a guitar and threw it in her hands. Corin grabbed a guitar
and pressed it against the body. She was relieved, because the guitar is hiding a lot of nudity and
those tight jeans. The last song they tried, was her favorite. In fact, in the entire repertoire tonight, she just liked and felt this song. The song was gentle and romantic, and it was called "Looking for you." It is a ballad
Corin learned when she was at home. It was about two young people inlove separated by life, under
unusual circumstances. They wandered around the world, and finally found each other. Ballad chorus
is very touchy and inspires person to thinking. Corin always imagined that chorus address her. She
did not search other lost person, but every day she dreamed about a man which she will meet and
love to the end of her life. Actually, she was very romantic, and while she sang this ballad, she felt that everybody in the audience goes thru exactly what she was going thru.
- You're a little nightingale - Brison said after Corin sang the ballad. - And I, must work much too,
because you will be the bigger star of the program than I. Corin blused from head to toe. She was glad that Brison praised her, and she was excited for tonight's premiere of her and Brisons program. Therefore she almost ran into her cabin. She needed rest and relaxation. As for the costume, it could not be changed, but there is something that it could be eaten and thus calm nervousness and excitement.
She rang the bell to John, and when he came, she asked him to bring her something to eat. He
brought her a wonderful sandwiches, pastries, fruit and coffee. When she sat down at the table,
Corin has concluded that she is almost unable to swallow. Something stuck in her throat, and her
mouth was dry. She managed only to eat a cake and drank a little bit of coffee. She remembered the
words of her father, and smiled wistfully. He always told her that a woman has to be wanted, and
that means, skin and bones, and a little meat. And, for her all excitement meant loss of appetite. Her
father has often been concerned about this, and warned her that she needs to eat more.
After she finished the lunch, Corin was wearing a summer dress determined to take a little stroll
along the deck, and see who traveled with this luxury ship. She hoped that moving and staying in the
fresh air would help her to calm down before the tonight’s performance.
The first class was on top of the ship, and was occupating the smallest space. Corin leaned against
the fence and closed her eyes. Although it was already afternoon, the sun was still warm. Several
passengers are still bathed in crystal pure and, as the sky blue water of the large pool, which was
located immediately below first class. Next to the pool was a luxury bar where guests could get cold
drinks and refreshments. Women were sunbathing in comfort on lounges, and the men were playing
cards on a small, white table.
Corin resumed with walking. She enjoyed the warm sunshine and fragrant, salty air. Land was no
longer visible. It probably went out of the sight when Corin practiced with Brison. In front of her now
was gently billowing huge, blue open sea, on which the "Star Princess" moved like a white swan.
She heard, feminine laughter that pulled her from her thoughts. She turned and looked in the
direction from where the laughs is coming from. On a small table sat a beautiful woman surrounded
by men, and was laughing to something sweet. It could be seen that she is aware of her beauty and
appeal, and the she enjoys the impression she makes on the surrounding male world. She was sitting
in a cozy, white wicker chair with long, slender legs crossed. Her skin was milky white and was
making effective contrast to her rich red hair. By now it was possible to conclude that she was a
woman that consider fun to be the most important goal in life. She knew how to sat, how to laugh,
how to arouse the interest of the others constantly, primarily men. Corin immediately remembered
that such women she saw with Brison, in the circles in which he moved. She does not know why, but
she wanted to be so desirable, and that she would be able to win people so easily and with carefree
like that.
Corin winced when she recognized the man who sat opposite to luscious beauty. It was Mr. Bain. His
warm, brown eyes shone a strange glow, as he listened to what one, also very pretty, dark-haired girl
was talking to him. Corin has felt great envy. She did not belong to this world, and there is little
chance that she will ever come closer to it.

- Good day, Corin! Are you well placed?
Corin turned to see Terry Dalen friendly smiling to her.
- Oh, Terry! I settled great, but so far I have not done anything. John is truly amazing. He unpacked all
of my things and put them together in the proper place. He even twice came to ask me whether I
needed anything. I think I'll really enjoy this cruise.
- Is this your first cruise? - Terry said to Korin.
- Well, about six months ago for the first time I left Indiana. Life in New York was a great adventure
for me. I could not have dreamed that I would in such a short time experience what it is like on a
luxury cruise ship. And even in the Mediterranean.
- If so, you have not made a bad start. "Star Princess" is no ordinary ship. Currently it is the largest,
most beautiful and most luxurious ship, which departed from the United States on a cruise.
Everything is planned for enjoyment and entertainment.
Terry has slowly turned her head, and then discreetly nodded in greeting. It was not hard to guess
that Terry nodded to Mr. Bain.
- Did you meet Mr. Bain? - Terry said Korin with important tone in her voice. - This is the gentleman
who sits next to attractive brunette. His name is Gerd Bain and he is co-owner of the company and
Bain bank. He brought the idea of building this ship, and his bank funded this cruise in the
- Ah, I did not know ...
- He's a bachelor, who is at this moment, on the highest price. He's so handsome that every girl who
sees him, loses her head for him. Indeed, this job will not be easy. The leader must be kind to
everyone, and when I see Gerd Bain ... Oh, I'd better get back to work! I can not wait tonight, so that
I can hear you sing. I wish you the best of luck during the first performance.
Corin was alone. Terry returned to the steerage, and she instinctively looked towards Gerd Bain. She
gasped, because he was really very handsome. From the place at which he was, she was able to
watch him descretly. He was wearing a short, sports pants and light shirt color of ripe wheat. His hair
was brown and thick, but still, very neatly trimmed and combed. Dark brown eyes, she noticed
during thefirst meeting. And then, like now, they shone with the strange glow. Corin asked herself if
it’s always been like that, when he spoke to a handsome woman.
She noticed his hands. They are powerful, but very beautiful and the tanned more than other parts of
the body. Corin seemed to always be able to judge someones age, and this time she assumed that
Gerd Bain could have about thirty five.
She moved to the girl that is passing, and immediately shuddered. Gerd's and her eyes met. He
winked at her, then smiled. Corin clearly blushed to the roots of the hair. Maybe he watched her
from some other angle? She turned and ran to her cabin. She sat on the bed and sighed deeply. Why
she allowed herself to act as a high school student, standing there at the fence watching Gerd Bain?
What happened to her? Bain has a mustache, and she never liked men with mustaches. So, he was
not her type of a man and he was surrounded by a beautiful and rich woman, she would never be
able to compete with. And, one more thing! In her life there was Brison. She admired him and, at this
point, everything depended on him: the future of her career and the future at all.
Corin slowly closed her eyes and began to think about something much more serious that supposed
to happen in a moment, and that was the evening's performance in the hall. According to the
program, Brison and she should been performing in that hall tonight, on a masks ball and on the last
evening of the cruise. The other nights, they would perform in smaller halls and booths on the board.
As evening drew near, she became more and more nervous. Dinner is out of the question, but warm
bath could help her a lot. She remembered those pants and shirt, which she needs to dress tonight
and it made her tremble.
She was combing her long beautiful blond hair, so she almost shone. On sides she fastened her hair
with two inconspicuous comb that would prevent falling into her eyes when she's playing the guitar.
Because of the light in the hall and her dark clothes, she had to putt makeup much more markedly.
She put a pair of gold earrings that her father gave her mother as a wedding gift. She thought that
they will bring happiness.
When she entered the rehearsal hall, Brison was already in there.
- Come on, baby, get dressed, and we'll try again some parts of the show - he said to her in a good
Corin only nodded, left the hall, and after few moments she returned dressed for show.
- Fantastic! – Brison shouted. - Honey, you look wonderful, but I think you're a little nervous. Relax,
forget the porch. You know that I am the leader of the show. You only need to look nice and sing
even better. And, that will not be difficult for you, right?
Corin's mouth was so dry that she was unable to utter a word. Personally, she did not agree with
Brison. Yes, he was the star of the program, but she did not want to be just decoration.
They began with rehearsal. After a couple songs, Corin started to relax. She ceased to tremble, and
her fingers pondered the strings of beloved instrument much accurately. At nine o'clock Brison and
her were invited to stage.

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