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The first few songs she sang with Brison. Technically it was fine, but it does seem that it was not what
she wanted to give the audience, which received her sympathetically from the first time. After,
Brison sang alone, and at the end of the program they performed together again. They have been
much better. When a strong applause escort them off from the stage, Corin was relieved. It was
important that the first show have passed well. She knew that the audience, especially the female
part, more applauded Brison, but the fact that she got the chance to perform at this exclusive place
meant a lot to her.
- It's okay, baby - began Brison, when they were again in the dressing room. - It was not bad, but
tomorrow will surely be better. I already told you that you need to relax, just that and nothing more.
Anyway, I went to the hall for dancing. It's not bad to show up there and play that game with fans
- Brison - Corin began turning red with excitement - you were, indeed, wonderful.
- I know, baby, I know that. And you'll be just as good one day. All this comes with experience - Brison
said, approached to Corin, put his hands on her shoulders and looked her from head to toe. - You
need experience in many fields. But still, your career is more important than anything. Honey, I'm
going to drink something, and then to the dance hall.
- I'll come in a moment - said Corin and wriggle out of his grasp.
- And where are you going?
- I'm going to go change and to putt normal makeup .
- It's not an option - Brison said almost roughly, and contracts her muscles. - Honey, you need to
grow up and realize you're in the world of entertainers, it has its own laws. In this outfit you look like
you can nock down at least a dozen boys. They can not wait to see you. We need publicity, and how
do we get it if we do not submit to the will of the public, which pays us?

Brison did not wait for answer. He firmly squeezed her arm and almost pushed her into the hall, and
took her to the dance hall. The music was playing loudly and cheerful couples were spining in
fantastic pace. Brison took Corin to the bar.
- For a lady martini - he said the bartender - and for me too, but double.
- Brison - Corin dares to speak out for the first time - you know I do not drink. But if you need me
something to drink, then fruit juice ...
- Honey, didn't I tell you it's time to start to learning? A singer with a juice in his hand! Funny!
A group of young (female) fans rushed to the Brison. Girls gave him his photos to sign. He did that
quickly and with a broad, professional smile. Sometimes he raised his glass and toasted to the whole
group. Such a gesture would have been accompanied by merry voices and loud laughter.
Corin stood slightly apart from the cheerful group, sipping iced martini, which bartender pushed to
her in the arm. She thought that alcohol would help her to get rid of stage fright and fear of a large
and noisy society. Brison observed her only once, and then he winked at her and raised his glass in
salute. She gave barely noticeable smile.
The music played the next dance, and Corin was convinced that Brison would pick her up. Instead, he
grabbed the hand of the most beautiful girl present and led her to the center stage. Corin took a sip
of liquor and inhaled. Alcohol burned her throat and her eyes began to well up with tears. She
desperately wanted a sip of water, and she was a shame to ask.
- Here u go - she heard a male warm voice and saw a hand that offered her a glass of water. She took
the glass, drank a sip and closed his eyes. She was desperate becouse someone else, except the
bartender, was a witness of her confusion, ignorance and humiliation. If only she could get rid of
those tears! She sighed deeply, opened her eyes and opened her mouth in surprise. In front of her
stood Gerd Bain.

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