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even trying to pull her hand from his.
- I believe, Nightingale, that you are the adventurous type and that in any case you will not to reject
the opportunity you have this moment.
Corin was surprised when Gerd stopped the first cab and almost push her into it.
- Airport – he said to the taxi driver and he leaned back comfortably in the back seat beside Korine.
- Why are we going there? - She asked, genuinely surprised.
- I want to rent a car. To be in Tunis and not to see the Carthage would be a major mistake. We can
see the city in the afternoon, when people withdraw from the streets.
Road to Carthage was interesting. It took more than half an hour to get to the ruins of the ancient
city, which was destroyed by the Romans. It was very hot and visit to the ruins was pretty hard, but it
was a real experience for Corine.
When they went back to the city of Tunis, Corin felt hunger. She was very grateful to Gerdu, when he
stopped the car next to a small, but very attractive restaurant.
- This place is very nice and, most important, they serve European meals.
The had Veal cutlets with potatoes and vegetables for lunch. Gerd ordered a glass of white wine, and
Corin drank fruit juice. After lunch, they decided to return to the city. Corin wanted to say to Gerdu
that she prefer shopping instead of sightseeing, but she decided to wait until they return to the city.
- The road is completely empty - Corin noticed, as they went a bit further away from the restaurant. -
Where is the people?
- You should know that in this country there are many who do not own a car. This is the way to
Carthage, and he is used only by tourists.
While he was speaking, Gerd pointed in the direction of the large, white villas, which were located on
the coast. They looked quite surreal, like a fairy tale house.
- Look at the this mansions. They belong to a very rich people, the owners probably live in them in
winter, when the temperature is the most appropriate.
Corina knew Gerd is also a very rich man, and she thought that maybe he has this beautiful and big
house somewhere here.
- You said that you have already been to Tunisia - she began very cautiously. - Officially, or just ...
- Of course I was officially - Gerd said and smiled guessing Korinine thoughts. - I know you think I'm
just traveling around the world only to have fun, or even tu built this villas.
- Who decides in what will your bank invest money? – Corin asked bravely, referring to the Brisons
- My and my father’s word is the last. The capital of the Bains bank is huge, but we are trying to
invest it in a fair and useful projects. We are always ready to finance the construction of schools,
hospitals and factories.
Corin Gerda listened with admiration. This man was indeed honest and of his word. His every act,
every word, every attitude was in place.
They drove more than a few hundred feet, and then a small, rented car stopped. Gerd came out to
see what was going on and if he could do something to start the car again. But unfortunately, he just
- Nightingale, I am very sorry, but it seems that it is not in my power to fix this car. I apologize,
because I had to check what kind of car I am renting.
- So, we can only go on foot - Corin said calmly and took her bag and hat from the seat.
- Corin, the city is more than ten kilometers away. I'm not sure that you will enjoy walking in this
- Then, let’s go back to the restaurant where we had lunch? They would be able to help us or call
someone to fix our car?
- Good. At the moment this is our only option, but it may happen that the restaurant has no phone.
However, we might find someone who would take us to town.
They have walked more than a mile. The heat was horrible. Corin throat was dry and she could not
wait to get to the restaurant and to order something to drink. She would drink wine or whiskey if she
must, anything, just to moisten her dry mouth and throat. She realized that Gerd was absolutely right
when he said that walking to the city is out of the question.
- Darling – she heard Gerdov whisper, as they approached the restaurant - it seems to me that it is
- Closed! - Corin also whispers, because she could not talk louder than that. - How is that possible?
Restaurants are closing here during the day?
- It is very hot, and there are no people. Probably the owners retire into the shade to cool themselves
and to rest a bit.
- But, someone has to be in the vicinity of the restaurant. Knock on the door. Gerd did knock, but
nothing happened. No one responded, let alone showed up.
- What do we do now? - Corin said sadly. Only now she fully realized that they were in a difficult
- Will we try to knock at one of the villas, which we saw on the beach?
- But you said there is no one there now.
- It is possible that the service is in a mansion. It is dangerous to left such buildings empty for months.
After all, they need maintenance to always be ready to receive their owners.
They had nothing left to do but to return with the same way they came, and to head to the villas. The
road was narrow and dusty, and Corin seemed that no one went on this road for a long time. Gerd
was knocking on a door. Nobody answered, and Corin has descended into state of a depression. If
there is no one in the villas, they will be left only to the hot sun, blue skies and scorching sand. Gerd
sighed and knocked again. After a few moments, he heard the soft steps, and the door opened.
There was the servant, a Tunisian, but dressed in European clothing.
- Good day - greeted them in French. Corin was very surprised when she heard Gerd answered him
on the same language. As servant has not invited them to enter, Gerd began to explain what had
happened. He listened quietly and then took them into the house.
Corin was relieved when she entered the huge, pleasant chilled Hall, all of marble and light, light
wood. The servant disappeared and did not appear for a long time. Gerd and Corin were standing in
the lobby and waited. When the servant finally appeared, he offered
Corin to sit on a low sofa, which was located in one corner, and Gerda was taken somewhere else.
Again, he did not appeared for a long time, Corin has already become nervous and upset. She almost
wanted to get up to seek Gerda. When she saw him, she rejoiced.
- You were gone for so much time! What's going on?
- Nightingale, would you like to spend the night in a French villa on the shore of the Mediterranean?
- To spend the night? Oh, that's not an option! For the love of the world, what's the problem?
- Servant phoned to a few places, but everything is closed. Today is the holiday, and the staff was
eager to leave their jobs. If you do not want to walk to town, we have to stay here until morning.
- How people this rich do not have a car? We would pay them for renting....

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