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- Well, it depends. If his bank financed all this, the conclusion is yes. His name is Gerd Bain, and he
said that he knew you.
- He does not know me! - Brison shouted angrily, and then added with a little softer voice. - I do not
remember if I ever met a man named Bane.
- He told me that he met you a long time ago. Maybe you went to school together or something -
Corin said naively.
- I do not know, and I think that does not matter. You are important, my dear. You and beautiful girl,
and soon many men on this ship, will start chasing you. Use that, baby, but in a smart way. Be nice to
everyone, but on a distance. You do not need that guy, that Bain - Brison said, then walked to Corin
and embraced her. - I'll make you happy, baby.
His lips descended on hers. The first contact has turned into a long and passionate kiss, but only by
Brison. Corin was greatly surprised. It seemed to her that her partners intentions are not very honest
and sincere.
When she felt his hands began to slide down her body, she strongly pushed him away.
- Brison, please! – She said with the desperate voice. - It's late, and I am very tired ...
- Baby, it's time to grow up already - Brison said, and began to laugh out loud. Corin seemed that he
was on the stage, acting. - I'm just the one to help you do that. I can see that I need to be patient. Get
some rest, honey. I think you and I will be great partners in life.
He again approached her, took her roughly in his arms and kissed her. Corin did not resist. She knew
that he will leave her cabin for a short time. And she was right.
When she was alone again, she sighed deeply and his hands fell helplessly down her body. She was
not sure that Brison was what she longed in life.
The next few days "Star Princess" was sailing in the calm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The weather
was so nice and warm so the passengers swam and sunbathed most of their time. Majority of them
already got a nice, dark color.
Corin and Brison were spending a lot of time together. When they had rehearsals, and then when
they were swimming, sunbathing or walking along the deck. However, in one thing they did not get
along. Brison laid almost at dawn and get up at noon. Corin loved mornings. She remembered that
her father used to say that the day begins in the morning, not at noon. A mornings on the boat were
so pretty and shiny.
One evening, after completing the program, Brison called Korine to the casino. She refused the
invitation because she was not at all interested of his hobby. He was not angry. Corin almost seemed
that he was even glad that she did not go with him. She decided, therefore, to go to bed early and
get up in the morning before sunrise to walk around the deck. She wanted to see the sun riseing in
the sea, because she was convinced that such an opportunity life will not provide ever again in her
life. She wind up an alarm clock and went to sleep.
She was very fresh and well rested when the alarm clock rang at five o'clock in the morning. She got
up, put on sweats and went on deck. There was no sign of anyone. Even the biggest fans of the sun
and the sea were still sleeping.
The sea was quiet and smooth as a mirror, and the sky was gray-blue and pink color. On the sea, the
sun was emerging rapidly, and she just wanted to see it. She sat very excitedly in one high chair, and
began to wait an extraordinary natural phenomenon. Then she felt that someone is watching. She
turned and saw Gerda Bain smileing. He dragged a chair and he sat down beside her.
- Good morning, Nightingale - he said simply and warmly. - You chose a great day for watching the
sunrise. Weather was nice, can not be nicer. Look! The first beams are already appearing!
Corin almost stopped breathing. The sky became orange, and pink, and then it started glowing. After
few seconds, the ball of soaring sun began to warm the world.
- Well, what do you say! - Corin said with joy and excitement.
- Wonderful, but this is nothing new for me. I am on the deck every morning at this time.
- Really? And, I thought I'd be the only traveler who are watching sunrise.
- Every morning I go out on deck to run a little - began Gerd and smiles to Corin with this wonderful,
intimate disarming smile. - I was not surprised when I saw you. You're a girl who wants to see the
sunrise. There are not many girls such as yourself on this board, but what can you do? Are you
- What?
- I was wondering if you run. I see that you wear a tracksuit.
- I bought tracksuit last year, when I went for a swim early in the morning.
- So, you go to swimming.
- I was. When I went to school, I swam regularly, and last year I did it for fitness.
- Do you play any sport?
- I run, but from one job to another - Corin said and laughed. I do that even here.
- Why here?
- Well, Brison is a very persistent man. Our rehearsals are grueling, and so, there is always something
to do during the day. After the program I am always exhausted.
- O, yes, Brison. And I think that's his favorite sport, running, but for women. Did you also become his
- I'm not his booty! - Corina shouted angrily. I am very comfortable in his company, and ... and it
seems to me that there is no need for you to take care of it. Brison told me that he did not remember
to have ever met you. Therefore, I do not think you know him so well.
- I do not expect - began Gerd ironically – that great singing star recalls me.
- Gerde, why are you so against Brison?
- Because you are so strongly defending him. Corin, I would want to believe that you think of me as a
friend. I think at this time for you a real friend is very much needed. If you attach too much to Hugh
Brison, it will not only be stupid, but also dangerous.
Corina could not believe what she was hearing. She intently watched Gerda, and her green eyes
glowed with a strange glow.
- I do not know what you have against Brison, and I want to know. You do not have the right to turn
me against Brison, because you almost do not know him at all. He is not only talented, but also
noble. With so many obligations and duties, he still finds time to help me and teach me. Maybe you
do not like Brison, his repertoire and his way of singing, but that does not mean that you have the
right to judging him so much. If you do not like him, do not listen to him!
By saying these words in one breath, Corin turned and left Gerda. She did not gave him a chance to
answer anything. When she got into the cab, she was very angry. Gerd was handsome, rich and
influential, and therefore he considered to have a right to pass judgment on anyone. Of course, he
expected that all people trust his judgment and that all should agree with him.
In next few days, Brison was much nicer to her, kinder than usual. He tried not to leave her alone, he
kissed her a couple of times a day, and she felt good because of his attention. She was with a few
younger men before she met Brison, but they hung out more than they entertained. Deep down she
hoped to meet a man who will love her dearly and to whom she will provide a great and sincere love.
She was not sure if that man was Brison, but she enjoyed his company. He was handsome, popular
and wanted. Women are mad for him, and he chose her.
On that day, Corin and Brison met for lunch for the first time. He slept for a long time, but he still
came to the table before her. When she saw him, he smiled warmly and she took his place beside
him. Lunch, as usual, was plentiful and extremely tasty. Brison has eaten a lot, and Corin almost...

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