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Met Hugh Brison the singer. Now he knew who he was, although Brison would not wanted to
acknolidge that he is recognizing him. He constantly claimed that he never in his life met Đžerđa.
When your partner met me on this board, it was clear to him that the circle around him tightened. All
the time during the cruise, he tried to convince me in every possible way that I do not publish that
article about him.
- Brison does not know how he must be grateful to Gerdu. I do not know whether he had any real
friends in his life, but Gerd is certainly one of those, who wants only good to him. He believes that
Brison should be given a chance to improve himself and get back on a track, my dear, do you know
that Gerd traveled to Monte Carlo to find Brison and to discourage him from gambling? He did
everything he could, but it seems to me that the Monte Carlo totally destroyed Brison this time,.
Gerd even offered him a plane ticket to America, only to turn him away from the gambling, but
Brison has turned out to be a hopeless case. And, do you know what Gerd, decided then? When he
returned from Monte Carlo, he began to beg me not to write an article about Brison. He's already
destroyed man, and more punishment is not needed. What could I do but to promise that I will not
send article about Brison to my journal. Who could resist his beautiful, brown eyes?
- So - Corin said and smiled for the first time since they started the conversation! - you will not write
the article? And your magazine? How can you justify your decision? It is expected from you to
complete your task
- That all does not matter - she said. - I decided to quit. I'm not going to waste my talent in this
journal, which deals only with gossiping and enjoys in someone else’s trouble.
- Maybe you are the right - Corin said fighting with tears that gushed to her eyes. - Since your
marriage with Gerda will interrupt your work.
- What do you say? No way! I can not deny that I was trying to be interested to him, but I have to
admit that I did not succeed. And do you know why? He is hopelessly in love with you, and you
behave so childishly. And you will not, or you can not understand certain things. Gerd wanted to
spare you the inconvenience that would bring you further socialisation with Brison. He tried to warn
you very cautiously, but you refused to listen and to understand. Finally I had to tell you about all of
- But you said - began Corin.
- I know. I deliberately wanted to provoke you and make you angry. It is true that Gerd and I intend
to marry, but in a business, my darling, just business. We agreed that his bank will finance my
journal, the journal which I will begin to issue.
Corin was dizzy from what she heard from Delije. Gerd is, despite everything, a man in his place, a
man of her dreams. For all his good intentions she was blind and deaf.
She never wanted to hear the end of what he wanted to say, and was not able to see that he was
absolutely right.
Slowly she looked up and realized that all the time and her and Delia were alone in the dressing
room. Gerd left them discreetly, and she was so excited that she did not even notice that he had
done so.
- So - Delia began and stood up from the chair - I think I've done my duty. Still, my darling, I want to
give you friendly advice, that experienced woman can give to a young girl. Gerd Bain is the
handsomest, the most honest and the most responsible man I ever met. Make sure you do not lose
him, because he still cares for you. Be wise, my dear! It will return to you.
Delia disappeared from the wardrobe, as a ghost, or that just seemed to Corin. Maybe she said
goodbye, but Corina did not hear. She was feeling very hard in her heart because of what she heard,
and it seemed to her that something was choking her in the chest. She picked up the guitar and went
on deck, because she needed air so much.
She started quietly playing some strange, unknown tone. It has long been known that she is in love
with Gerda, and now she was happy, because Delia said that Gerd was in love with her. She heard
cheerful melodies, loud laughter and shouts of joy from the passengers, who were dancing and
having fun in the great hall. This was their last night on the ship, and they want to remember it. No
matter what, Corin knew she would remember this night as a night of unusual, but for her important
- Can I ask you for a dance? - She heard a familiar voice and felt weakness in his legs. Her heart was
pounding as if it will jump out, and her cheeks was red. She could not say anything, but she managed
to put the guitar on a nearby table, and stretched her hands towards Gerdu. Sounds are ecstatic
waltz floated up to them and they opened the dance on the deck, under the stars. They were the
only pair that was dancing in a magical trance and that it seemed that the world exists only for two of
- I just danced with Terry Dalen - Gerd began to attract more and more Korine himself. - She told me
that you will not appear at the dance. I was in despair, and I went out looking for you.There was no
need to wander around the ship. I know where I will find you. Corin, the end of this cruise is so close,
and I'd like to tell you ... I have so much to tell you. I say ...
Corina began to laugh out loud, so that Gerd stoped to dance. He looked surprised.
- Gerde, I know all and I see all now. Delia opened my eyes, she helped me realize that I was refusing
the happiness, that was imposing to me all this time.
- I wanted to spare you the unpleasant things, but then I thought that I would lose you if I do not tell
you. I know that you were thankful for Brison for everything he is done for you, and you wanted to
return the favour.
- That's right - Corin whispered - but I judged on the important things without proper knowledge of
the facts.
Corin was in Gerdovom arms, yet she was afraid how this will all end. Gerd is an honorable and
honest man, proud, and she was refusing him repeatedly. She acted childishly, and therefore he must
have been offended.
- Nightingale - she heard his warm voice and froze.
She was convinced that he wants to say goodbye to her before they finally split up. Her eyes were full
of tears, so she did not dare to lift her head and look at him.
- Nightingale - he started again. When he grabbed her chin and lifted her face to his, she could not
look him in the eye. - Nightingale my beautiful, from now on I would like that you sing for me.
Corin felt something warm in her chest, and then she let her tears flow freely down her cheeks. She
hardly even saw Gerdovo face, but it did not matter. She was aware of his presence, she was feeling
the warmth of his embrace.
- Corina, my dear, I want to enable you to play the music, you can improve your skills and enjoy, but
just for us, that everything is just for the two of us. I want to take you to the opera, the best in the
world, I want to ... I love you, my dearest. You've become a part of my thoughts and feelings, part of
my desire. I can not imagine life without you. Do you trust me?
Corin was shaking, because she was so excited, she seemed that she will pass out. With the last bit of
strength she hugged Gerda, proving him that way that she feels the same for him. Above all, she
wanted to convince herself that this is, not just a dream.
- Gerde – she managed say - my dear! I love you too, deeply and infinite. Please do not ever leave me
She could not say what she wanted to the end, because voice gave her up.
- My dear - Gerd began and laughed out loud – are you proposing me?
- Well, that ... something like that - Corin stammered and blushed.
- I want to be sure that it is that - Gerd whispered passionately - because I want to marry you.
Nightingale, will you marry me?
- I will, Gerde, I - Corin rushed to give her consent. - I'll marry you, whenever you want to. Just, do
not ever leave, never ...
They were no longer able to speak. Their lips were merged into a long and passionate kiss, which
meant the covenant and promise.
The next day, in the morning, Corin and Gerd were on deck. They watched the sunrise and the dawn
of a new day, the most beautiful day of Korininom life. They were getting closer and closer to a huge,
New Yorks harbor. It was the end of the cruise, but the beginning of a new life for Corine and Gerda,
life which will always be full of love and desire that each day be more beautiful than the previous.

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