subota, 14. rujna 2013.



Velika high school students created a solar car and enters the race!
- We started from nothing, we get just the parts without any draft. We ourselves had to design a car for yourself we finally agreed Students Velikogorička Vocational High School created a solar car is it going in Sisak on Saturday's race. Their vehicle called the "Tur-solar" and has autonomy of 50 kilometers and can drive 55 km / h. Unlike the competition is specific in that it is 300 pounds, and wearing it bike wheels in the chronicle of VG. The race in Sisak will face with four solar cars that were created by students from Sisak, Zadar, Osijek and Kutine. Car was created in a project funded by the European Union and that the goal was to produce a prototype of a real ecological car that will drive renewable energy sources. All students have created, from the design, construction, test models, to the production of solar cars. we started from nothing, we get just the parts without any draft. All we had we had to design the car and ourselves we eventually agreed-Robert said Viskovic student 4 . grade Velikogorička vocational High School, from the driver of the solar car.

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