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The brightest and most enduring is the gemstone that exists , and it is exactly what makes it so desirable in the choice of wedding or engagement rings. But like every human relationship is unique , we can say that every diamond in the world special. How to choose the right diamond that suits our desires ? Two diamonds can vary in almost nenabrojivim details , yet all these details we classify the features - sanding , color , clarity and size of the diamond. These are the main features on which to assess the quality of the precious stones , and their knowledge will certainly be of help in choosing a diamond ring. Cleanliness besides size might easily identifiable feature of diamond and therefore often gets special weight in considering the value of the precious stone , but all of these impurities that occur in the form of air bubbles , spots or cracks invisible to the naked eye for diamonds that are used in high quality jewelry. Home designation for clean diamonds is Si (Eng. slight inclusions and minor impurities ) , the following is Vsi ( very slight inclusions ) , then Vvsi ( very very slight inclusions ) , and all of these categories of larger stones are divided into two subgroups ( eg VS1 and VS2 ) . Best clarity diamonds are classified as IF ( internally flawless ) , and very rare. In all of these markings it is the purity levels of impurities that are visible only under a magnifying glass with a magnification of 10 times. Mention the way diamonds and poor purity that classify labels I1 , I2, I3 , and where it will be visible impurities and with the naked eye and under scrutiny obvious. The value of these is not comparable with the earlier mentioned . Categories clarity diamonds. Color diamond is extremely important feature of this precious stone - because the color will attract more than anything the attention of the eye. Diamond is more valuable when it whiter resp . no color with depth steeped refracting colorful rainbow reflections . In recent years, the most accurate color gradation expressed in letters from D to Z ( as classified by GIA Gemological Institute of America ) , which is approaching the end of the tag color alphabet diamonds indicate yellow, brown and finally gray. The most prized diamonds are completely colorless , a diamond is the only gem in which just the absence of color increases its value. Here should be mentioned in the so-called diamonds . " Fancy " colors that can occur ranging from pink to blue , and these diamonds in natural color are extremely rare especially when the colors very pronounced .

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