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"Miracle" Medjugorje : The statue of the Virgin lights up in the dark , but when photographing it " absolutely nothing you can not see " The house Vicka Ivankovic Mijatovic , one of six people who claim to have witnessed the apparition of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje in Herzegovina , on Monday evening began with pale Virgin's statue 40 years old , write the Croatian media . Worshippers gather in front of the house where the reported svetljenje statue. Portal Medjugorje - info.comu writes that in the old house " videlice " Vicka yesterday prayed two an Italian , " and when it was taken off the light videos are as unusual statue of Our Lady of the world." It is a simple statue of plaster, but really unusual world, just as it is fluorescent - say journalists portal Medjugorje -info.com . News about everything last night spread Mesto in just a few minutes , so that the front of the house started to gather believers . A friend told me, what's going on and I went to see . It was about 22 hours. The statue of Our Lady of the world, but when you try to take photos , nothing is seen. Very quickly Mesto ii transpired here now has about five thousand people - said last night for Google plus I Ivankovic from Medjugorje. In Medjugorje, on Monday evening , about 22 hours in Vicka's old family house began to illuminate the statue , which is 40 years old . How do we learn from colleagues from the site of Medjugorje -info.com in an old house visionary Vicka yesterday evening they prayed two Italian and when the shutdown light they saw the statue of Our Lady of strange lights . They called Vicka family that was close . He contacted us and Martin Oršulić who also sent us this photo Gosipong statue. ' Here's to you and I send you a picture that I took Lady in Medjugorje ... I tried it in the dark, but I can not do , only your eyes can see the light ... something special. Miracle at Medjugorje - began to illuminate the statue . When you send a picture , but I'll write you something , because I could not give an interview to your reporter . I was sitting with my friends, when I heard about the miracle of Medjugorje, we agreed to go and see . In our society was one girl , a Muslim , said she goes she. We took her and when we approached the statue she clung to me and shut up , I touched the statue and saw with my own eyes that light up, it's a miracle , a special feeling. When we USCI in the car , we asked the girl if she felt anything , she told us ' that her legs cut off , to be easily crossed , and suddenly began to pray , " describes Martin . Hundreds of pilgrims on the doorstep of the hour We also spoke with neighbors and faithful who last night waiting in line to see the new wonder in Medjugorje. ' In fact, this is another in a series of miracles that happen here in Bijakovici and in Medjugorje . The room in which you now see the statue, which is lit , the room in which the visionary Vicka had apparitions and it is open all day for a group of pilgrims who want to visit the area to see where they were apparitions. Around 21 pm a group of Italian pilgrims was there and at one point they heard screams and family came into the room , not knowing what it was , and saw for the first time , in addition to so many miracles that happened , another miracle , and for the family, and for our neighbors. Family informed us immediately, so that an hour a thousand people waiting to see a miracle , " he told the New TV neighbor families visionary Vicka . ' Actually , the statue is 40 years old and 30 years old is already in the room , "he added . ' I do not know , something I can not describe it, really . When you see it , you know , I have no words , the heat around the heart , I do not know , something really indescribable. It must be experienced , really , " is full of impressions was one believer ."People should go back and trust in God ' ' Well, at first I felt strange , because it is really unusual either , not to say paranormal. So these things can not be seen every day , and this could be taken as the crown of all the miracles that have taken place so far , such as healing. I have chills and I could not get to him for a while . This is an unforgettable experience , really. This should anyone come to see if you can , of course, if it lasts , "said one of the younger believers....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dpcgiq_U_g
When asked what he thought the young man answered modestly. ' Well, first I thank Our Lady for keeps us all and especially I prayed for my family , friends and acquaintances . I consider this as further proof that people should go back and start to believe in God and Međugoje also , "he added .

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